Environics Analytics is part of the Environics group of companies, a unique alliance dedicated to providing intelligent research, analytics, consulting, sales training, public relations and communications services. The group also includes Environics Research, Environics Communications, Free For All Marketing, Environics/Lipkin, Sequentia Environics, Nexalogy Environics, Research House and American Environics.
Environics Analytics works collaboratively with many respected information and technology providers, integrating data and software to develop insightful, up-to-date profiles of how Canadians live. Among our partners:


Solving business problems for nearly a quarter-million users worldwide, Alteryx is driving the global data revolution in Geographic Business Intelligence. Its Alteryx software platform, which powers our ENVISION micromarketing tool, lets you quickly analyze customers and markets through the rapid execution of calculations, formulas and methodologies. In addition, EA is a reseller for Alteryx and Alteryx is a sales agent for our Canadian data.


Described as the world’s first “complete enterprise data activation solution for intelligent marketing,” BlueKai and its Data Exchange offer marketers thousands of data attributes on hundreds of millions of consumers across in-market, demographic, geographic, lifestyle and B2B categories. Its partnership with Environics Analytics allows users to deliver digital advertising in real time to PRIZMC2 segments and target groups. BlueKai also makes PRIZMC2 available for publishers and advertisers in an online platform for targeting across Canadian and U.S. markets.


A pioneer in customer analytics for the retail industry, Buxton today also focuses on providing marketing services for healthcare organizations, consumer packaged goods manufacturers and city governments. As a partner with Environics Analytics, Buxton resells our Canadian data and collaborates with us in creating site selection and modelling solutions for both the U.S. and Canadian markets.


As the country’s primary postal operator, Canada Post provides Environics Analytics with its Postal Code and Householder files to help customers with geocoding, data cleansing, postal walk rankings and address completion. In turn, EA provides Canada Post with a number of databases for its Acquisition Admail service: DemoStats, Adjusted Census, Business Profiles, Business Locations, and the PRIZM segmentation systems. The data help users achieve more targeted direct mail, increasing response rates and lowering overall costs.


A non-profit research unit of Ryerson University in Toronto, the Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity (CSCA) collects data on retail locations in the Greater Toronto area. As a CSCA member, we have access to a variety of datasets, such as: New Retail Formats, Power Centres, Power Centre Tenant Polygons, Strip Tenants and Shopping Centres.


Founded in 1987, Cornerstone is Canada’s largest prospecting and database management resource. Through our partnership, you can select names from Cornerstone’s extensive consumer database according to their PRIZMC2 lifestyle type for targeted direct marketing. Our clients also can benefit from Cornerstone’s services by getting their files cleaned and organized.


A leading digital strategy and experience design firm, Delvinia operates the AskingCanadians™ online research community comprised of more than 200,000 Canadians. By linking PRIZMC2 to this database, users can better understand the digital and marketplace behaviour of consumers in datasets like eShopper PRIZMC2Link, Mobile PRIZMC2Link and Social Media PRIZMC2Link—all powered by AskingCanadians™. The partnership also gives businesses and not-for-profits access to detailed research and opinions through the PRIZM-coded AskingCanadians™ online panel.


DMTI Spatial has been providing location intelligence solutions to Global 2000 companies and government agencies for more than a decade. Through a strong partner ecosystem, DMTI enables its customers to use location as a frame of reference to enrich customer, prospect, vendor and infrastructure insight with a wide variety of attributes to better identify risk and opportunity.


Every year since 1983, our sister company Environics Research has conducted a nationwide survey that measures human motivation and social relations, employing advanced techniques to understand the mindset of Canadians. PRIZMCE and PRIZMC2 are the first and only segmentation systems to incorporate demographics and Social Values in their creation. Today our Social Values PRIZMC2Link can help marketers identify what drives consumers’ choices to better position products and messages for the greatest impact.


A global leader in information solutions, Equifax leverages one of the largest sources of consumer and commercial data, along with advanced analytics and proprietary technology, to create customized insights for businesses and consumers. Under a new partnership, Environics Analytics will embed Equifax credit data summarized in an aggregated, anonymous way in selected products and will also provide aggregated credit data in a variety of delivery formats, including a report service, ENVISION and project work.


For over twenty years, Esri Canada has delivered business solutions based on its GIS technology and professional service offerings. Environics Analytics provides demographic, consumer spending and segmentation data for its ArcGIS Business Analyst for Canada and partners with Esri Canada in offering the system and professional services in Canada.


Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (Esri) designs and develops the world's leading GIS technology. Environics Analytics provides demographic, consumer spending and segmentation data for its ArcGIS Business Analyst for Canada.


Experian is a global leader in providing information, analytical tools and marketing services to help organisations and consumers make commercial and financial decisions. As its data partner for Canada, Environics Analytics and Experian have created the Canadian version of MicromarketerG3 (MMG3), a geographic analysis tool which includes a number of our key datasets: Adjusted Census 2006, Demographic Estimates and Projects, Household Expenditure Potential, PRIZMC2 and survey data linked to it. To help you with your global analytical challenges, EA is a reseller of Experian’s Business Strategies’ demographic and consumer marketing data for 38 countries.


Geographic Research, Inc. (GRI) provides research, mapping and spatial analysis services to educational institutions, government agencies and not-for-profits. With GRI, Environics Analytics provides demographic, consumer spending and geographic data for the Canadian version of SimplyMap, an award-winning, web-based mapping application developed primarily for libraries.


Miami-based Geoscape® serves clients by providing analytics, databases and automated intelligence systems through a standard web browser. In partnership with EA, the online Geoscape® Intelligence System Canadian Edition provides customers access to data about cultural groups in Canada, including self-identified visible minority status, language, period of immigration, country of origin and acculturation (through a segmentation system called CultureCode®). The user-friendly GIS system contains several modules for segmentation, customer analysis, thematic mapping, media planning, data enrichment and retail market potential.


A global leader in online economic development solutions, GIS Planning provides real estate, demographic and industry data to help users select sites through powerful online mapping analysis and tools. The company assists government agencies and municipalities by identifying optimal locations for public and private uses by employing several Environics Analytics data products to create comprehensive site portraits.


For over 25 years, Intelligent Direct has used the latest technology to provide clients with better maps and mapping solutions. As a U.S.-based partner of Environics Analytics, Intelligent Direct embeds our Canadian data in their customized Canadian maps. Environics Analytics offers these products as BigMaps Canada, wall-sized business maps printed by Intelligent Direct and designed to help clients visualize their markets, customers and competitors in Canada. They’re especially useful in strategic planning, location analysis and customer insights.

cleanlist-logo is a leading provider of Canadian consumer and business databases, as well as data cleaning and enhancement solutions. Through the partnership, names can be selected from Cleanlist's ResponseCanada Consumer and ResponseCanada Business databases. Cleanlist also provides data cleaning services including NCOA, phone append, proprietary move update and deceased suppression. In addition, Cleanlist resells EA demographic databases and uses PRIZM5 and PrizmSocial as selects on its licensed databases for targeted marketing.


Canadian Financial Monitor (CFM) is the major source of household financial characteristics in Canada. Our CFM PRIZMC2Link provides segment profiles of key variables on diverse financial questions which can be used in customer profiling, trade area analysis and target marketing.


A provider of business and consumer data, infoCANADA supplies Environics Analytics with the data for our Business Profiles and Business Locations databases, which help our customers understand the businesses in their trade areas by size and industry. In addition, infoCANADA resells our demographic and consumer spending databases and uses our PRIZMC2 and DemoStats as selects on its rental lists for targeted marketing.


J.C. Williams Group is a full-service retail and marketing consulting firm that offers clients practical, creative and in-depth knowledge of retailing and marketing practices. Through its partnership with Environics Analytics, both companies offer the MallMix service, which helps developers and leasing agents create the optimal tenant mix for shopping centres. Based on the values, spending levels and shopping style of consumers in a trade area, MallMix’s data-driven methodology is designed to maximize the assortment of stores for any location in Canada.


A global leader in retail location intelligence and fuels pricing, Kalibrate Technologies (formerly KSS Fuels) provides software, analytics and consulting solutions for the convenience retail, grocery and oil and gas industries. For EA customers, its TrafficMetrix® database provides users with 24-hour average daily traffic counts for highways and major roads throughout Canada—the most up-to-date information on consumers’ traffic patterns and volume in the country.


An innovator in online solutions, Merge enables global organizations to unite web content, applications and services to facilitate communications and relationships between customers, suppliers and employees. Our partnership enables marketers working with Merge to design variable website content targeted to consumer segments based on PRIZMC2.


U.S.-based The Nielsen Company is that country’s leading provider of intelligent marketing information and target marketing services, offering over 60 marketing databases, consumer segmentation systems, consulting services and software applications. Through a partnership between The Nielsen Company and Environics Analytics, clients can accomplish a variety of business applications—customer profiling and acquisition, cross-selling and site selection, strategic planning and media buying—on both sides of the border. Environics Analytics resells PRIZM and other Nielsen products in Canada while The Nielsen Company sells PRIZMC2 and other EA data products in the United States.


Nielsen IMS provides software solutions for audience profiling to support media and marketing decisions. Through our partnership, PRIZM licensees can access selected media databases for cross-tabs and subsets of data with PRIZMC2 as an added dimension. A 2009 agreement also also allows IMS Clear Decisions users to incorporate PMB and BBM RTS Canada media and lifestyle data through the added dimension of PRIZMC2.


U.K.-based Nomis Solutions provides innovative pricing solutions for the financial services industry. Working with Environics Analytics, it incorporates a number of our datasets in its pricing offerings for major Canadian financial institutions.

OriginsInfo is the UK-based organization that created a breakthrough ethnic name-coding system which predicts the cultural, ethnic and linguistic origins of people based on first and last name alone.  Its OriginsCanada software allows marketers to create customer profiles and better tailor messages, media and products to Canada’s diverse population. The application analyzes names according to 241 separate origins types and 22 separate origins groups (such as Greek, Chinese and South Asian).


Canada's leading gay and lesbian media organization, Pink Triangle Press helps supply the data for Gaybourhoods, EA’s dataset that allows clients to estimate the size and spending power of the gay market at the neighbourhood level. The privacy-friendly data—no personally identifying information was collected—allows users to analyze gay spending for a particular trade area in 75 categories, including fashion, electronics, nightlife, home decor, fitness and health.


Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) conducts Canada’s leading syndicated study for single-source data on print readership, non-print media exposure, product usage and lifestyles. With PRIZMC2 linked to PMB publications and product usage databases, you can profile your customers’ media preferences based on this widely used annual study. In addition, our link to PMB data provides clients information on Canadian consumers of over 3,500 products and services—including their demographics, attitudes, media behaviour, preferred retail outlets and frequency of use.


IHS Automotive is the automotive industry’s leading provider of market intelligence and data solutions. Through our partnership, users have access to three datasets—New Vehicle Registrations (NVR), Total Vehicles in Operation (TVIO) and Retail Vehicles in Operation (RVIO)—for dissemination areas (DAs) and higher levels of geography.


Rogers Publishing produces the Canadian Directory of Shopping Centres, a national file of over 2,000 shopping malls in Canada, along with data on the number of stores, floor area, anchor tenants and parking spaces. As an authorized reseller of the directory, we provide you with comprehensive research, maps and reports to analyze, lease, prospect and identify opportunities in markets and potential sites.


RSI Research Solutions Inc. provides market analysis and consumer insights through licensed data and software, project work and services. As a reseller of Environics Analytics products and services, RSI uses our data client solutions—whether it’s a map-based demographic system, a demographic report tool or the integration of complex trade area models. Meanwhile, EA resells select RSI data products and software.



Canada’s central statistical agency, Statistics Canada produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country—its population, resources, economy, society and culture. As a Value Added Reseller under Licensing Agreement 6894, we rely on these data from Statistics Canada and other partners to create a wide variety of products and services.


Synergos Technologies Inc. (STI) provides location-focused companies with innovative population and demographic data products—like STI: PopStats and STI: LandScape—to help them better understand their consumers, locations and trade areas. For EA, Synergos will provide U.S. data for our new ENVISION U.S. micromarketing platform.


TomTom delivers the digital maps and dynamic content that power some of the world’s most essential navigation and location-based services. In our role as an authorized distributor of its products, we sell boundary files for standard and postal geography as well as street and road network files for display, routing and geocoding.


Telmar is a top supplier of computer-based advertising media information services, providing software for survey analysis, data integration, media planning and marketing decisions. Through our partnership, PRIZMC2 licensees can access selected survey databases for cross-tabs and subsets of data with PRIZMC2 as an added dimension.


For more than three decades, Tetrad Computer Applications Inc. has developed engineering and management applications software for mainframe and personal computers. As an authorized distributor of Tetrad products, we provide you with access to PCensus, its software tool that allows you to analyze any location in Canada by integrating our demographic, lifestyle and business databases with your company’s proprietary information.


Trade Area Systems is a leading supplier of enterprise market knowledge systems for retail real estate. This U.S.-based partner is a reseller of a number of Environics Analytics data products, which it also utilizes for the varied services it provides clients—including market analysis, site selection and data acquisition.


Vision Critical is the world's leading provider of insight communities, and currently supports over 650 brands worldwide. Its partnership with Environics Analytics provides Canadian companies with access to wide-ranging—and sometimes hard-to-find—data about consumers and markets. Marketers can quickly access customer insights from custom online surveys and then segment the results according to PRIZM’s lifestyle-based groups. The alliance also significantly reduces the time needed to conduct large surveys for clients, resulting in a faster turnaround and more current visibility into customer experiences for businesses.