Case Study

Communications Case Study: Rogers Communications


A diversified communications and media company, Rogers Communications is engaged in three primary lines of business through its wholly owned subsidiaries: Rogers Cable, Rogers Wireless and Rogers Media. The company is Canada’s largest wireless provider of cable television services and the provider of high-speed Internet access, telephony services and video retailing.


When Rogers sought to expand its cable customer footprint in Atlantic Canada, it was uncertain whether the same marketing strategy and materials that had increased customers in Ontario would be effective in another location. Could Rogers use its existing creative pieces and copy, or would it need to develop a new messaging and media strategy that better reflected Atlantic Canada’s lifestyles and perspectives?


To determine whether the Ontario ad slicks and direct mail pieces could be used in Atlantic Canada, analysts first classified Rogers’ millions of customers using PRIZMC2, EA’s segmentation system that groups consumers into one of 66 lifestyle types. They developed detailed profiles of Rogers’ customers in a number of provinces and then compared their demographics, lifestyles and social values. After determining the uniqueness of the Atlantic market, researchers identified four target groups that captured the essence of Rogers’ area customers and integrated the results into a marketing communications strategy tailored for each group.


By identifying four target groups that represented the majority of Atlantic Canada’s customers—Affluent Families, Middle-Class Families, Francophone Families and Midscale Older Adults/Seniors—Rogers was able to better understand the needs of these customers and how they differ from their Ontario counterparts. Focus groups revealed how Rogers’ products played a role in their lives, and marketers then correlated this information with EA’s lifestyle and values analytics. For instance, the analysis showed that residents in Atlantic Canada identify with family values, local pride and quality of life but are much less concerned about wealth or career than Ontario residents.

In the fall of 2009 Rogers launched a multi-channel communications campaign around the theme of “Bringing Value Home.” In direct mail and newspaper ads, Rogers’ new promotional pieces featured local imagery, area actors and a message that reflected the prevalent family values in Atlantic Canada. The campaign proved a resounding success. One newspaper ad alone generated a 250 percent increase in calls inquiring about Rogers’ products and services. “We know that all the provinces are different,” says Dana Gheorghiu, Manager of Analytics and Call Forecasting at Rogers Marketing Communications. “But we wanted to understand how different they are so that we could customize ads for different provinces.”