Meet the Environics Analytics Geeks 2018


Nigel -Pleasants-Headshot

Nigel Pleasants

Senior Vice President Channel Partnerships

As Senior Vice President of Channel Partnerships, Nigel Pleasants is responsible for developing, supporting and servicing EA’s resellers around the world. A veteran advertising executive, Nigel has more than twenty years of experience in the ad agency business, having held executive positions at agencies in London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal. For the subsequent seven years, he was Director of Marketing and Readership Development at The Globe and Mail. During the past decade, he owned and operated Sal-Mark Inc., which provides consulting and business development services, and acted as Vice President of Marketing for Manifold Data Mining, one of the company’s clients. Active in industry trade associations, Nigel has served as Chairman of the Broadcast Research Council and Director of the Canadian Advertising Research Federation.