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Strengthen your business strategy with the latest data on new residents

The NewToCanada dataset captures Canadian immigration trends by country and region of origin.

Available at the dissemination area level, users can quantify permanent and non-permanent residents, discover what country residents are coming from and identify where in Canada they are settling. The data are available via flat file. Starting July 2022, data will be available within ENVISION, our SaaS software platform that allows users to create dashboards, reports and maps quickly and easily.

NewToCanada provides immigration estimates for a rolling twelve-month period. The data are updated quarterly to provide a new twelve-month view and to provide users with the ability to analyze immigration trends over time across different cities, regions or any user-defined geographies like trade areas.

Find where residents are settling

Locate where new residents are and align your engagement strategies by market and by store

Track immigration trends

Identify increasing concentrations of new residents in smaller or secondary markets and plan accordingly

Personalize your marketing

Tailor your visuals and written content to resonate with and meet the needs of new settlers

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What is in the NewToCanada database?


  • NewToCanada is built using data from several sources, including Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) with the totals aligning to EA’s DemoStats
  • Consists of 69 variables broken down by immigration type (permanent resident and temporary resident), country of origin and region of origin
  • Variables are aggregated to a rolling twelve-month time period and data are updated quarterly
  • 13 Origin Countries - Top 12 plus Other (capturing new residents from countries outside the Top 12)
  • 19 Origin Regions - 5 regions and 14 sub-regions

Answer key demographic questions like:


  • What neighbourhoods are temporary residents choosing to settle in?
  • Are permanent residents from China settling in the same places as temporary residents?
  • What share of all residents from the Philippines are settling in my area?
  • Based on my trade area, which source countries should I tailor my marketing efforts to?
  • Are new residents from Eastern Europe increasing or decreasing over time?
  • Are there markets that seem to have emerging concentrations of new residents that would impact our existing marketing programs or in-store collateral or signage?

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