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New PRIZM Postal Code Lookup

Explore Canada’s leading segmentation system for understanding customers and markets. Enter a postal code into the PRIZM postal code lookup and discover which of the 67 unique lifestyle types make up a neighbourhood.



Enhance your data with our comprehensive databases for more informed decision making. Choose from 47 databases offering more than 30,000 variables that help you connect with consumers.

All New PRIZM Segmentation

Gain a fresh perspective on Canada’s distinct communities and markets

PRIZM helps decision-makers with everything from designing marketing strategies and choosing store locations to merchandising, media planning, and executing campaigns across traditional and digital media channels. Understand what consumers are buying, doing and thinking – and anticipate their behaviour in the future.

Now in its fourth generation, PRIZM offers:

  • 67 lifestyle types based on income, urbanity and life stage
  • 30,000+ PRIZM-coded variables
  • Francophone segments
  • Cultural diversity index
  • Neighbourhood insight at the 6-digit postal code level
  • Created using more than 40 data sources


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Since 2003, we’ve helped thousands of organizations across all sectors solve their business challenges. Our quality data, powerful analytics platforms and extensive consulting services allow you to make informed decisions that are critical to your success. Learn more about the type of work we are doing in your sector.

Mackenzie Health Foundation

Nov 2, 2018, 14:53 PM
“By looking at our donors through the lens of PRIZM and SocialValues, we were able to see the types of donors who share our values and are most likely to be responsive to our campaigns, as well as where to find them.” 
Nameof author : Dwayne DiPasquale, Director of Advancement | Mackenzie Health Foundation

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