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Enhance your data with our comprehensive databases for more informed decision making. Choose from 32 databases offering more than 22,000 variables that help you connect with consumers.


How We Help

We’ll help you develop a data-driven strategy, improve your data quality, better understand your customers and analyze your markets by turning data and analytics into insight, execution and results.

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Our purpose-built, easy-to-use consumer insights and market intelligence platform features powerful analytical tools and industry-leading mapping software for a deeper understanding of your customers, prospects and trade areas anywhere in North America.


Target this influential demographic group in the U.S. - the Boomers.

Becoming a data-driven organization - Build it or buy it?

Determine whether to buy or build your data and analytics capabilities.

PRIZM® Premier Consumer Segmentation

Reach your best customers with the right message through the right channel using PRIZM® Premier, the industry-leading consumer segmentation system. Build effective strategies around target marketing, trade area analysis, merchandising and media planning by knowing what your consumers are buying, doing and thinking now—and anticipating how they will behave in the future.

  • 68 lifestyle types based on income, urbanity and lifestage
  • 20,000 PRIZM® Premier-coded variables
  • 11 Lifestage groups
  • 14 Social groups
  • Powered by more than 30 data sources


We are Industry Focused

Since 2003, thousands of organizations across all sectors have benefitted from our quality data , powerful analytics software  and extensive consulting services . Our easy-to-use systems allow you to quickly leverage data and analytics so you can focus on the results and power your success.

Office Depot

Feb 27, 2018, 15:25 PM
“In developing any real estate strategy, you need to understand the customer. Environics Analytics were able to analyze demographics, lifestyles, lifestages, sales, merchandizing and competitive data to identify pockets of geography where there was significant potential. With this knowledge, we decided on the target consumers to pursue and the best locations to serve them."
Nameof author : Senior Director, Marketing and Real Estate Research | Office Depot

We Know Data

From data supplier to full-service data analytics consultancy, we help you connect with your target market by employing innovative approaches, robust methodologies and a collaborative culture. Our expertise sets us apart from the competition.

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We're Ready To Help

Our team includes some of the most experienced data scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, geographers, business and marketing strategists in North America. We’re ready to help you map your analytics journey from start to finish. Think of us as your competitive advantage.

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Industry Insights

Our industry experts publish timely analysis of government data releases, opinions on industry trends and insights on how organizations are embracing big data and analytics.

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Read published articles from our industry experts, stay up to date on our news, see our social media wall and download all the media resources you need to use our brand.

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