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Geek Of The Week: Sasha Ramroop

Jul 19, 2012, 10:20 AM by Jack DePoe
sasha-ramroop“Mapping Her
 Way To Success”

For someone who has always liked geography and maps, Sasha Ramroop, a Research Analyst at Environics Analytics, seems to have found the ideal job.

“My dad wanted me to be a doctor,” she recalls. “But I was always
interested in geography and maps.”

As it turned out, dad made Sasha do some research and come up with a career path that would, as he put it, “make her a good life” using geography.  Her ability to map out that path lead to Canada all the way from the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, where most of her family still resides.  While on the hunt for a career in her chosen area of interest, she turned up Ryerson University’s geography department, in Toronto.  After showing her father all the possibilities in that field, he was convinced to send her on the long trip north to begin her new life.

“As an immigrant, mapping was also a great way for me to get to know Canada,” says the Ryerson graduate, who took courses in both geography and statistics after convincing her dad that Toronto was the place to be.

And family plays an important role in Sasha’s life.  When asked about her heroes, the first person she names is her father, who worked his way up from humble beginnings to a medical school scholarship in England and has since gone on to become involved in business and politics on their island home.  Always looking for ways to improve his life, she cites him as a key influence in driving her to do her best. In Toronto, she lives with her sister and feels that close bond helped her adjust to life in Canada.

Speaking of heroes, Sasha is a self-confessed superhero geek, especially enjoying big-screen action flicks like Batman, Ironman or the X-Men series of movies.  Her sci-fi interests also extend to her reading habits, where she devours such staples as the Lord of the Rings and the new hit series, Hunger Games.

“I’m a sucker for romantic comedies.”

But Sasha’s free time is not all spent with swords and sorcery, as she admits to a “girly side”, as well.

“I like to go out shopping or to the beauty salon with friends, or my girl cousins,” she insists. “And I’m a sucker for romantic comedies.”

Of course, living in downtown Toronto affords Sasha the ability to indulge her geeky or girly side as she sees fit, all within a comfortable walk from her apartment.  One of her favourite aspects of being at the centre of it all is accessibility.

“I love the fact that I can walk to wherever I need to go, all year ‘round,” she says.

But despite that, she hasn’t got to know her neighbours, as there is a fair amount of turnover in her apartment, a Rooms With a View neighbourhood that is often seen as a gateway cluster for younger, new Canadians looking to get a start in a new place.

Her time at Environics Analytics has offered her many new and interesting experiences, which she says have helped her gain a new appreciation for both her passion for geography and the interesting tapestry of Canadian society.  Her work involves providing customer profiles, trade area reports, custom maps and data services for a wide variety of clients.  As a member of the Standard Research team, she provides for several internal clients, from sales and marketing to client service and custom research.

The variety of client work keeps things interesting and she’s definitely pushed the envelope in the personal sphere, as well.  At the 5th Annual User Conference, Sasha was one of several EA staff to dress up as our iconic Geek, a new experience for her.

“I’m not much of a public speaker,” she notes. “But that was a fun and exciting experience and a new way of interacting with people.  I never thought that studying geography would lead to that.”

–Jack DePoe