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Never a Dull Moment

Nov 15, 2013, 12:15 PM by Jan Kestle

It’s been quite a week!

It began with Environics Analytics finalizing the acquisition of a respected competitor, Generation5.  Bringing G5’s great products and team of highly skilled professionals into our organization creates all sorts of exciting possibilities for our customers and us.  We welcome G5’s staff and customers and look forward to working with both.  This deal developed over a relatively short timeframe, so thepavla two organizations are proceeding with business as usual and postponing new product initiatives until we both meet our commitments for 2014 data releases.  Meanwhile, we are relocating G5 offices to our 55 York Street location, which is already filled to capacity.  Fortunately, everyone is being a good sport about the crowded quarters.


Jan introduces the new EA team members from Gen5

Also last week, we met with our ever-helpful Customer Advisory Board.  In an all-day session, we highlighted ten new initiatives involving our company—the G5 event being just one.  The CAB members provided great insight into their challenges and how our new initiatives could help them and other customers.

On Wednesday, we hosted our seventh annual user conferences, with over 400 attendees, nine amazing case studies from clients (many of which are available on our website at and great keynotes from Doug Norris, our Chief Demographer, and Michael Adams, President of The Environics Institute of Survey Research.  We ended the day celebrating our tenth anniversary in business with a lively party.  It’s sometimes hard to imagine that ten years have gone by since I, along with Catherine Pearson, Peter Pavlakidis, Mark Kaminski, Tom Montpool, Danny Heuman, Tony Lea and Mike Williams, set up shop.  Although Mike has moved on to working at City Hall, we were very pleased that he came to celebrate with the seven remaining founders, all of whom continue at EA to this day.  We are very proud of what we have accomplished and really love being involved with so many great companies and organizations making data-driven strategic decisions.  It’s a very exciting time for geeks!


Celebrating 10 years at EAUC2013

After partying moderately, I flew off to Ottawa the next morning for the semi-annual, two-day meeting of the National Statistics Council. It was very interesting to see how my government and university research counterparts are wrestling with the same big data, governance and marketing issues we face as a private-sector services provider.

Party time!

All in all, it was a wonderful week of changes, excitement and challenge.  I had thought it might be a boring week after the conference was over. But with the G5 integration beginning, our data update in progress and our pending office move, I have hardly had a chance to catch my breath.  But that’s what I love about EA—there’s never a dull moment.


Jan Kestle is the President and Founder of Environics Analytics.