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Privacy Trust Centre

Environics Analytics (EA) is very proud to be one of the first organizations in the world to be certified with MSECB’s ISO 31700-1 Privacy by Design certification.

Our commitment to privacy

Explore how we embody our Privacy by Design principles, establishing trust through transparency. Learn about our Privacy Trust Centre and our commitment to ethical data.

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Ethical data creation practices

Learn about how we utilize anonymized data when designing products that deliver comprehensive insights, while upholding the highest standards of data privacy.

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Safeguarded data processes

Delve into our Privacy Impact Assessment, encompassing our Vendor Risk Assessment and compliance with national and international data regulations.

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Responsible data management

Discover our governance protocols, stewardship responsibilities, encryption standards and inventory management strategies throughout the data lifecycle.

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Data for positive impact

See real-world case studies on how clients leverage our data for positive social and commercial change, aligning with our mission of making a meaningful impact with data.

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We have created the Privacy Trust Centre to help you understand EA’s privacy practices and how we use data at EA. Our commitment to Privacy by Design ensures that privacy considerations are embedded into every aspect of our products and services. We continuously update and enhance our privacy standards based on the evolving environment and the latest industry standards and legal requirements.

EA provides its clients with geodemographic data and anonymized mobile movement data for insights, advertising, analytics, and marketing planning. We subject our data to rigorous 3rd party re-identification risk assessments and implement strong governance to ensure these data cannot be linked to individuals.

The insights these data offer help our clients understand and market to groups of consumers and deliver better products and services to the marketplace. We also work with clients on analytics projects using a combination of our licensed data and their permission-based customer data.

We adhere to the highest annually audited data processing, security, and privacy standards including SOC1 Type 2, SOC2 Type 2 and HIPAA. EA has appointed a Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) dedicated to ensuring accountability and effectively delivering a privacy management program designed to fully protect personal information and to set policies and processes to ensure that we walk the talk. We work hard to exceed the Data and Marketing Association’s Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices and the Canadian Marketing Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

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Meeting the Highest Standard of Privacy

Meeting the Highest Standards of Security

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