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We are a dedicated team of professionals

Our singular purpose is to help you achieve results through evidence-based decisions.

We are one of North America’s leading data, analytics and marketing services companies. We serve a broad range of private, not-for-profit, and public sector institutions. Founded by Jan Kestle, a veteran in the marketing information industry, we help our clients turn data and analytics into insight, strategy and results. Our industry expertise and sector depth are surpassed only by our exceptional client service.

Our Process

We pride ourselves on our exceptional client service and are ready to help you map your data and complete your analytics journey from start to finish. We have a deep commitment to evidence-based decision making for one reason, to help you achieve results. 

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Comprehensive data services

Whether you need to clean, structure or improve the quality of your data, you can access over 32 consumer and market databases and all the technical expertise required to ensure your data meets the highest standards.

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Customized analytics solutions

From data mining to predictive analytics and complex spatial interaction modeling, our team of industry experts including demographers, data scientists and statisticians will help transform your data into insights.

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Powerful analytics platforms

With best practices developed over the past 50 years, our analytics platforms feature powerful analytical tools and industry-leading mapping for a deeper understanding of your consumers, prospects and trade areas.

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Evidence based decision making

Transform your data into meaningful consumer and market insights that help influence strategies across marketing, communications, media planning, product development and network optimizations.

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Actionable business outcomes

Our consultants have the experience and expertise to help address your key business challenges. From strategic planning workshops to stakeholder alignment, we can help you develop a roadmap of analytical priorities.

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Our commitment to collaboration

We employ a highly transparent process and work with your teams to help you leverage your data and return on your analytics investment. Many of our clients think of us as a seamless extension of their team.

Why Us

We’ve got the expertise to help. With decades of leadership and experience in the industry, we are the only analytics firm in North America to offer our broad range of privacy compliant, consumer and business databases, proprietary software and team of industry professionals and partnerships.

15 Years +

Corporate Growth



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10 Offices

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Over 40

Industry Partnerships

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Our Journey

We have a long history of helping thousands of organizations develop the data and analytics resources necessary to unlock insights and deliver results. See how our firm has evolved through innovation, expansion and partnerships.

Environics Analytics History
  • 2003 Environics Analytics launched with 10 employees
  • 2004 PRIZM Segmentation system launched
  • 2006 PRIZMC2 with Census Data released
  • 2006 Inaugural User Conference held in Toronto
  • 2008 WealthScapes financial database launched
  • 2009 ENVISION launched
  • 2011 ENVISION for US-based customers launched
  • 2011 PRIZM DELTA postal code level system launched
  • 2013 Acquisition of Generation 5
  • 2014 Jan Kestle receives Life Membership Award from CMA
  • 2015 ENVISION5 gets enhanced mapping and interface
  • 2015 Acquisition of Sampling Modeling & Research (SMR) Technologies Inc.
  • 2016 EA named to Profit 500 Fastest-Growing Companies
  • 2016 Acquisition of Boire Filler Group
  • 2016 Acquisition of Nielsen (U.S.) site and location products and services
  • 2017 Named to "Profit 500 Fastest-Growing Companies" for second year
  • 2017 Acquisition of Research Solutions Inc. (RSI)
  • 2018 Canadian database CannabisInsights launched
  • 2018 Named to "Growth 500 Fastest-Growing Companies" for third year
  • 2018 Mobility Analytics services launched
  • 2018 Canadian database AutoRank™ launched
  • 2019 Named to “Growth 500 Fastest-Growing Companies” for the fourth year
  • 2020 Enhanced MobileScapes data products released
  • 2020 COVID-19 recovery products launched

Industry Insights

Our industry experts publish timely analysis of government data releases, opinions on industry trends and insights on how organizations are embracing big data and analytics to help you stay informed.

Media Room

Read published articles from our industry experts, stay up to date on our news, see our social media wall and download all the media resources you need to use our brand.


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