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Moving Forward with Recovery Planning and MobileScapes


COVID-19 has disrupted virtually every aspect of the world’s social and economic fabric. But as we edge toward the down-side of the curve, organizations of every kind have to plan for economic recovery. How do marketers and other decision-makers move forward in these uncharted waters? We believe the answer is threefold: 

  1. First, developing an understanding of consumers’ movement away from their homes – who are they, where they are going, for how long and how this is changing week-to-week (and importantly, how this compares relative to pre-pandemic patterns)
  3. Second, differentiating these consumers and citizens based on their demographics, motivations and attitudes
  5. Third, identifying the neighborhoods where these varying populations live in order to effectively reach and engage them
Successfully accomplishing the steps above means leveraging new and existing data sources (including mobile movement data), incorporating innovative technologies and applying analytical and industry sector expertise – all within a privacy-compliant framework.
Learn more about some exciting additions to our MobileScapes product that can help businesses, not-for-profits and government agencies on the road to recovery.

Originally presented on August 13, 2020 at 2:00pm EST.



Meet the Presenters

  Peter Miron


Peter Miron

SVP, Research and Development




Casey Price

SVP of USA Sales


Jason Norfolk


Jason Norfolk

VP, Product Management


Here Come the Boomers

Marketing to an older population

Want to learn more about this large, wealthy and influential demographic group in the U.S and how to effectively market to this age group?

Over the past decade, and for the next two decades, America’s older population will rapidly grow and account for almost a third of the total population and nearly half of all households. In addition, they control significant wealth.

Join this presentation to learn about the growth and increasing buying power of the older population. It will suggest why the older population deserves more attention from marketers. It will also discuss ways that businesses might adjust to better accommodate the older population of today, which in many ways is different than the older population of past decades.

Originally Presented Thursday, April 16th, 2020, at 2:00 PM ET


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Meet the Presenter

Doug Norris


One of the leading experts on the census, Doug Norris, Ph.D., is a Senior Vice President and Chief Demographer at Environics Analytics. He assists companies, government agencies and non profit organizations in using census and other statistical information for planning and marketing projects. And he frequently writes articles and delivers speeches on demographics, immigration, diversity and the family.  

Making The Move To Mobility Analytics

Bring a new dimension to your customer insights

Environics Analytics’ recently launched mobility analytics functionality in ENVISION is designed to support marketing and real estate related decisions for a wide range of industries.

Combining the best practices in processing spatial data with privacy-friendly lifestyle segmentation, our mobility analytics allows businesses, not-for-profits and municipalities to identify who is visiting their locations, where they are coming from, how frequently they visit and how often they visit competitors. By quantifying how their trade areas and visitor profiles shift by time of day and day of week, organizations can better align their products, marketing and staffing by location.

This webinar will provide an overview of these services and their applications to help marketers develop fuller profiles of their patrons and create better customer experiences.


  • The unique characteristics of mobility analytics that make it a highly valuable and exciting new resource for generating consumer insights—whether you have customer data or not
  • Privacy compliant use cases to illustrate the types of insights that can be pulled from the growing mountain of mobility data points
  • How mobility analytics can help businesses, retailers and shopping centres better understand their consumers without the need for implementing costly loyalty programs
  • See what effect the competition is having on your business and discover if you’re cannibalizing your own sales

Originally Presented Thursday, September 27, 2018, at 2:00 PM ET

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First Look at Consumer Buying Power and Retail Market Power

Environics Analytics presents the release of the new Consumer Buying Power and Retail Market Power databases. With notable improvements and changes, these databases allow users to conduct comprehensive expenditure analysis as well as identifying gaps in supply and demand in existing and potential trade areas.

Sean Howard, Senior Vice President of Research and Development and Nuno Ricardo, Senior Data Product Manager, present product capabilities and use cases, while Jason Norfolk, Vice President of Product Management, showcases CBP and RMP reports and maps within ENVISION5.

Consumer Buying Power provides current-year estimates and five-year projections of consumer demand for a variety of merchandise items, retail stores and Yellow Pages category headings.

Retail Market Power provides estimates of total market supply and demand to identify opportunity gaps for any trade area in the United States.

Originally Presented on Thursday, March 15, 2018, at 2:00 PM ET

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Meet the Presenters

Sean Howard Headshot Small 

As Senior Vice President, Research & Development, Sean Howard oversees the development of products and client solutions using census demographics and geography. A trained urban geographer, he previously worked as a GIS specialist at GeoDan and Associates where he managed a number of research projects in applied geography.

 Nuno Ricardo Headshot Small

A Senior Data Product Manager, Nuno Ricardo is responsible for Environics Analytics’ databases and third-party databases from Claritas and other key partners. He serves as the liaison among EA’s research and development, data providers and sales teams to ensure products meet client needs. Nuno has over 10 years of experience in the marketing analytics industry as a member of the Nielsen Claritas product team and the Esri ArcGIS online content team focused on demographic data and segmentation systems.

 Jason Norfolk Headshot Small

As Vice President of Product Management, Jason Norfolk oversees Environics Analytics’ U.S. product lines, directing the development of new products, including software-driven solutions and automated client insights. He collaborates with all EA teams, including sales, software development and marketing, to develop a strategic plan for the U.S. suite of products and services. Jason has over 15 years of experience providing marketing analytics solutions using a wide variety of software applications, data sources and custom projects.