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With a wide range of customized applications such visitor profiling, customer journey analytics and predictive modeling, we have the expertise to help you build customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. Whether you are a resort, destination, cruise line or the department of tourism, data analytics can help you exceed your visitors’ expectations and elevate the guest experience.

Gain a deep understanding of your guests and visitors

Profile your visitors to find your best audience, their interests, lifestyle and wealth and then discover how to find travelers just like them. Understand where they travel, how much they spend and which activities they engage in while on vacation. Analyze their behavior, leverage survey data, uncover purchase drivers and determine the optimal mix of products and services.

Improve ROI on media spend and creative campaigns

Uncover key insights to differentiate your brand messaging based on what your guests value the most. Then engage them with more effective marketing messages and personalized offers to increase visitorship and bookings. Maximize return on your traditional and digital media spend by targeting your audience in the channels they prefer and frequent most often.

Build partnerships and evaluate sponsorship opportunities

Understand your target audience to identify partnerships and sponsorships that align to your brand. Create segments based on common characteristics to determine who to target and how to reach them. Using mobile analytics, you can also maximize your sponsorship impact by enhancing what you know about visitors who attend festivals, tourist attractions, or other ungated events.

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    “Environics Analytics has fundamentally changed how we market to our member’s clients. The insights, data and inspiration from our partnership are immeasurable and Environics have become a part of our corporate DNA.

    Carl Schmitt, Vice President - Marketing | Ensemble Travel Group
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    “Partnering with Environics Analytics allows us to separate fact from folklore. By identifying customer spending patterns, demographic concentration and potential growth opportunities, we are better able to make solid business decisions. You truly feel like they are part of your team because they take the time necessary to understand your needs and provide valuable insights.”


    Rosalina Pugliese, Director, Marketing | Olsen

Travel & Tourism Sector Expertise

Our consultants have the strategic expertise and sector experience to help address your key business challenges. Many of our clients work with us as a seamless extension of their team and think of us as their competitive advantage.


Meet Sean Moloney

Senior Vice President and Practice Leader

As Senior Vice President & Practice Leader, Sean Moloney leads our business development and sales practice in the United States. With over twenty-five years of experience in the marketing analytics industry, Sean helps organizations turn data and analytics into insight, which becomes the foundation for an effective strategy. In his role, Sean leverages his extensive knowledge of geodemographics, segmentation, and advanced analytics to help clients combine different data types with business analytics tools and techniques to deliver results. Before joining Environics Analytics, Sean held analytics, sales executive and national account manager roles at Pitney Bowes Software, MapInfo and Compusearch. Sean earned a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Applied Geography degree from Ryerson University.

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We Know Data

Enhance your data with our privacy compliant, authoritative databases. Choose from over 30 databases including segmentation, demographic, psychographic and behavioral data. Here are a few of our popular databases that support the needs of the travel and leisure industry.


Segmentation - PRIZM® Premier

By segmenting U.S. households into 68 unique lifestyle types, PRIZM® Premier incorporates data from demographics, consumer behavior and geographic data to help you better analyze and understand your visitors and markets.

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Pop-Facts® and SocialValues

With Claritas Pop-Facts®, find demographic trends to create segments based on shared characteristics. With SocialValues, understand your customers’ mindset, what matters to them and how it affects their purchase decisions.

See database

Mobile Analytics

Enhance what you know about who attends events, festivals, tourist destinations, attractions etc. Mobile data can be instrumental in determining if the events you or your partners sponsor attract visitors that match your target.

See database

Behavioral - Consumer Profiles

Consumer Profiles are designed to help you reach visitors based on lifestyle, media exposure, product usage, consumption and purchasing behaviors through the lens of segmentation databases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Destinations, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions can use mobile analytics to develop consumer profiles by creating benchmarks and understanding who visits their location versus their competitors’ location. This helps provide a better understanding of where your visitors likely live and work, what their interests are, what attractions they visit and and who your real competition is. See mobile analytics

  • Mobile analytics can enhance what you know about who attends events, festivals, tourist destinations, attractions etc. It can be instrumental in determining if the events you or your partners sponsor attract visitors that match your target.

    Mobile data is an anonymized, permission-based data service, which uses data collected from location-enabled devices that were observed within a geofenced area defined by latitude and longitude. Our mobile data is collected only if consent is provided by the individual. See mobile analytics

  • Using segmentation and behavioral databases, you can understand the travel habits of different visitor segments and understand where they like to go, how much they spend and which activities they participate in while on vacation. You can then increase visitorship and tourism dollars by defining the right segments to target, understand their behaviors and create targeted messaging sent through the optimal channels. See consumer insights

  • By combining your visitor data with our privacy-compliant databases, you can gain deeper insights into who your visitors are, where they live and which travel and leisure activities are important to them. These personas can be used to segment your customer base and through market studies and area reporting, you can determine the optimal mix of products and services for a specific location or region. See site location intelligence

  • We take privacy, compliance, and data governance very seriously, and we are very proud of receiving favorable SSAE CSAE 3416 SOC1 Type II ,SOC2 Type II, and HIPAA/HITECT audit reports after rigorous, independent reviews of our internal security controls. The reports represent certification with programs such as CSAE 3416 (Canadian Standard on Assurance Engagements (CSAE) 3416), AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and HIPAA-HITECH.

    In addition, the source data used as inputs to our product development are 100 percent privacy compliant. Any personal information provided to us by clients is used solely for the purposes of their business and is safeguarded in client-specific, firewalled locations in secured data centers. We also ensure that our compliance policies for Canada and the U.S. are consistent with the E.U.'s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). See our databases

Why Us

We’ve got the expertise to help. With decades of leadership and experience in the industry, we are the only analytics firm in Canada to offer our broad range of privacy compliant, consumer and business databases, proprietary software and team of industry professionals.

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Travel and Leisure Industry Insights and Trends

Our industry experts publish timely analysis of government data releases, opinions on industry trends and insights on how organizations are embracing big data and analytics to help you stay informed.



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