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Grow your business with cannabis analytics.

The cannabis industry continues to evolve. Licensed producers, regulators and retailers need to understand the unique consumer dynamics of the sector through data-driven insights. From choosing the right store location based on its trading area, to how and why cannabis is consumed, we provide cannabis industry-specific, timely and actionable insights.

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Who is my best cannabis consumer?

Get to know who your consumers are through cannabis-specific data sets driving industry-leading consumer segmentation. Size your market by identifying trends within the cannabis landscape and beyond. Activate your loyalty program data with EA’s market data for deeper, actionable insights.

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How can I optimize local and digital marketing?

In a heavily-regulated industry like cannabis, maximizing marketing ROI is critical. Focus marketing investment with cannabis-specific data linked to targeted communication optimization. Leverage data based on products, geolocation, branding and media usage to reach the right customers with appropriate messaging across different channels.

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Where are the markets for site location expansion?

Whether growing or optimizing your cannabis retail network, we identify optimal store locations by leveraging trade area analysis, including attitudes toward cannabis, demographics and social values. Through mobile movement analytics, you can understand shoppers in specific locations and whether your store meets the needs and expectations of consumers. Plus, access modelling to see changes in any area you choose.



We Know Data

Enhance your customer data with our privacy-compliant, authoritative databases. Choose from over 45 databases including demographic, segmentation, behavioral and lifestyle data. Here are a few of our popular databases that support the needs of the cannabis industry.


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Segmentation - PRIZM® Premier

By segmenting U.S. households into 68 unique lifestyle types, PRIZM® Premier incorporates data from demographics, consumer behavior and geographic data to help you better analyze and understand your cannabis households.

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Get a more complete profile of cannabis consumers in any trade area or location with mobility analytics. Mobile data can be instrumental in validating trade area size and shape, competitive trade area insights, key visitors, and time, day and monthly visitor trends.

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Behavioral - Consumer Profiles

Understand the purchasing behaviors, product consumption, media preferences, attitudes and lifestyles of your target market with Consumer Profiles.

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Learn what matters the most to your customers and see how it affects their purchase decisions. Psychographic data will allow you to develop communications strategies to engage customers based on their views on cannabis.

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Cannabis Industry Expertise

Our consultants have the strategic expertise and sector experience to help address your key business challenges. Many of our clients work with us as a seamless extension of their team and think of us as their competitive advantage.


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Meet Tracey Matchett

U.S. Group Account Director

A veteran marketer with over 20 years of business development and retail expertise, Tracey spearheads the application of EA’s data-driven analytics and software to help U.S. retailers, real estate, media and consumer package goods companies better understand their trade areas, markets and customers as well as optimize site locations, territories and sales. Tracey started her career at Compusearch working for over a decade in consumer segmentation, location and predictive analytics with key retail and CPG companies. She most recently assisted leading U.S. retailers with their digital, mobile and omnichannel marketing initiatives.

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We’ve got the expertise to help. With decades of leadership and experience in the industry, we are the only analytics firm in Canada to offer our broad range of privacy compliant, consumer and business databases, proprietary software and team of industry professionals.

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