A breakthrough name-coding system that predicts the cultural, ethnic and linguistic origins of people based on first and last name alone. 

The software tool analyzes names according to 242 separate origins types and 22 separate origins groups (such as Hispanic, Greek Orthodox, Muslim, Indian Sikh and South Asian) and allows users to assign heritage tags to a customer database. The system only requires a computer file containing the first and last name to be coded. With Origins, marketers can create customer profiles and better tailor messages, media and products to the diverse population in the U.S.

A breakthrough name coding system

Develop a deeper understanding of your consumer base and identify ways to improve how you connect with them.


Identify diverse population segments

Discover which minority groups exist within your customer base


Understand local communities

 Measure diversity, use of services and recognize friction points in your communications

iXPRESS analytics mapping platform

Code customers and target campaigns

Measure variations in customer behavior, values and response rates to improve the descriptive power of campaigns  

Plan effectively with segmentation and demographic tools 


Identify emerging trends in your markets, reach and retain your most profitable customers and tailor messages and products that will resonate with them.

Claritas PRIZM® Premier

Create a comprehensive picture of your customers according to shared demographic, lifestyle and behavioral traits. Discover where they live and understand their preferences to create more effective marketing strategies.

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Pop-Facts® Premier

Reach your best customers, track neighborhood growth patterns and forecast trends with demographic data covering gender, age, education, housing, cultural diversity, occupation, income levels and marital status.

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Analytics Platforms

Our purpose-built, analytics platforms feature powerful analytical tools, and industry-leading mapping for a deeper understanding of your customers, prospects and trade areas.

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