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Understand Americans’ investment behavior and develop a comprehensive picture of their assets, liabilities and net worth. Make smarter marketing decisions, improve product mix and inventory levels and monitor trade areas based on their saving and investment behavior.

Choose from eight databases built from multiple sources.

  • Claritas Financial CLOUT® contains current-year and five-year projections of market penetration and dollar balances for more than 100 financial products including checking accounts, investments, credit cards, lines of credit and savings products.

  • Claritas Insurance CLOUT® features approximately 600 variables, including usage, channel and consumption information about insurance products such as automobile, life, medical, residential, accidental death and dismemberment, disability and long-term care policies, as well as consumer attitudes towards insurance.

  • Claritas Income Producing Assets Indicators Profiles provides insight into the liquid assets of households, defined as any asset class that is relatively easy to liquidate and for which marketers can readily compete, such as savings accounts, CDs and stocks.

  • Claritas Net Worth Profiles provides insight into the financial position of households by reporting the net difference between assets and liabilities.

  • Claritas Net Worth Distributions helps users identify consumers in any trade area by household net worth, the difference between asset and liabilities.

  • Claritas Financial Product Profiles provides usage information on a wide range of basic banking products and services, investments, financial attitudes, channel usage, balance information and institutional relationships.

  • Claritas Insurance Product Profiles provides users with powerful insights into their customers’ insurance behavior across five categories—automobile, residential, life and other insurance, as well as insurance attitudes—and include usage and consumption profiles.

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