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Grow student and alumni recruitment programs and fundraising initiatives

Improve the outcomes of your enrollment, alumni relations and fundraising campaigns. Whether you are a school, college, or university, we provide recruitment and advancement departments with a deeper understanding of your community and identify what resonates with your students, alumni and donors.

Data analytics can help you identify the student population that aligns with your educational value proposition.

Optimize recruiting and student enrollment

Understand your student population - who they are, where they live and what’s important to them – to identify new markets that are most likely to respond to your value proposition. Create personas to build more effective campaign messaging and build strategies to improve marketing ROI.

Use data analytics to profile alumni and estimate giving potential

Improve fundraising and advancement efforts

Whether asking for a major, planned, or monthly gift, improve your return on fundraising efforts by understanding your alumni and gift-givers, their net worth and capacity for giving. Create effective campaigns that resonate with their values and execute in their preferred media channels.

Use data analytics to optimize school location strategy

Enhance your site and location strategy

Identify the key drivers of school success through location-based analytics. Estimate the opportunity and market size, understand school catchment areas, household composition, how far families are willing to travel and the effect of competition on site location.

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    “By looking at our donors through the lens of PRIZM and SocialValues, we were able to see the types of donors who share our values and are most likely to be responsive to our campaigns, as well as where to find them.” 

    Dwayne DiPasquale, Director of Advancement | Mackenzie Health Foundation
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    “Environics Analytics gave us a unique lens to understand our donors and determine the best way to invest our fundraising dollars. It’s one thing to buy an ad that asks for money; it’s another to have a person tell your story in a way that touches the heart of your audience. Our donors are as diverse as the colours of the rainbow. But without this information in where to start, we couldn’t have been successful.”

    Vice President of Major Gifts | SickKids Foundation See the Case Study
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    “Some of our findings blew away the fundraisers. We showed that we could accurately identify the major giving potential of nine out of 10 individuals who had already given us a major gift based solely on where they live and data recorded within our CRM system.”

    Tracey Carmichael, Director of Research and Data Analytics | UBC's Development and Alumni Engagement Department (UBCDAE) See the Case Study

Education Sector Expertise

Our consultants have the strategic expertise and sector experience to help address your key business challenges. Many of our clients work with us as a seamless extension of their team and think of us as their competitive advantage.


Meet Sean Moloney

Senior Vice President & Practice Leader

With over twenty years of experience in the marketing analytics industry, Sean helps organizations turn data and analytics into insight, which becomes the foundation for an effective strategy. In his role, Sean leverages his extensive knowledge of geodemographics, segmentation, and advanced analytics to help clients combine different types of data with business analytics tools and techniques to deliver results. Sean holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Applied Geography degree from Ryerson University.

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We Know Data

Enhance your data with our privacy compliant, authoritative databases. Choose from over 30 databases including demographic, segmentation, behavioral and financial data. Here are a few of our reliable and up-to-date databases that support the needs of the education sector.


Map showing Demographic data in the US

Claritas Pop-Facts® Advanced

Track household growth patterns and forecast trends across gender, age, education, housing, cultural diversity, occupation, income levels and marital status. Data are available across a wide range of census and geographic areas.

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Map showing Segmentation data in the US

Segmentation - PRIZM® Premier

By segmenting U.S. households into 68 unique lifestyle types, PRIZM® Premier incorporates data from demographics, consumer behavior and geographic data to help you better analyze and understand your student households.

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Map of US financial data

Claritas Net Worth Profiles

Identify PRIZM® Premier and P$YCLE® segments by household net worth. The database measures assets such as savings accounts and value of a primary residence vs liabilities such as mortgages, loans, credit card balances.

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US Map showing importance of psychographic data

Psychographic - SocialValues

Learn what matters most to your alumni and see how it affects their giving decisions. Psychographic data will allow you to develop communications strategies to engage alumni based on their values and view of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase student enrollment and improve recruitment? keyboard_arrow_down

By combining your first-party school location and student household data with our consumer and market data, you can generate deeper student insights—who they are, where they live, their values and purchase behaviour. Using these insights, you can refine your marketing campaigns with relevant messaging and build digital and traditional media plans based on your target’s media consumption habits and preferred channels.

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How do I improve my alumni fundraising programs? keyboard_arrow_down

Finding donors to financially support a school’s overall mission and academic programs is always a difficult task. Enhance your fundraising programs by segmenting constituents using PRIZM® Premier to gain insight into alumni and past donors, including their demographics, lifestyle and estimated giving capacity. Turn these insights into action by personifying targeted segments, and developing communications that speak to what matters to them most and how their values influence their decisions.

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How do I better understand school catchment areas and optimally locate new schools? keyboard_arrow_down

We can help you identify the key drivers, both positive and negative, that are statistically correlated with performance. By combining school location variables, including student address data, competition, PRIZM profiles, location demographics, and more, we can help you see the factors that have the greatest impact on the success of your school. Our reports will clearly show you how far students are willing to travel to your school, the effect of competition and the relative demand in your catchment area and more.

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Do your databases follow best practices around privacy compliance and consumer protection? keyboard_arrow_down

We take privacy, compliance, and data governance very seriously, and we are very proud of our SOC certification from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). In addition, we only use data as inputs in our product development that are 100 percent privacy compliant. Any personal information provided to us by clients is used solely for the purposes of their business and is kept in client-specific firewalled locations in secured data centres. We are also conversant with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming in the E.U. and ensure that our compliance policies for Canada and the U.S. are consistent with the GDRP.

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