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Meet our Geeks

Our tenured leadership team is comprised of executives drawn from a cross section of the communities we serve. We are published authors, speakers and internationally recognized leaders in geodemographics and marketing research, advanced analytics, statistics and modeling.

With expertise in analytics consulting, strategic planning and database marketing and a deep commitment to privacy, security, and data governance requirements, we continue to pioneer the development of best practices and methodologies that can be applied to today’s new age of data-driven marketing.

Supported by a broader team of statisticians, geodemographers, data scientists, consultants and modeling experts, we have one purpose - to help you achieve results through evidence-based decisions.

Senior Leadership

Danny Heuman headshot

Danny Heuman

Chief Analytics Officer

Danny Heuman is responsible for all aspects of planning, scheduling and implementing data development, production and custom analytics at Environics Analytics. An expert in market analytics and modelling, he led the development of all of EA’s popular segmentation systems. He supervises teams dedicated to software development, standard research, demographic and economic data, and modelling and data services—all while fostering a collaborative approach to the development of EA’s products. An expert in market analytics and modelling, he led the development of EA’s popular PRIZM5, PRIZM5 QC, DELTA5, PRIZM C2 and PRIZM QC segmentation systems. He also was the lead developer of PRIZM CE, conducting the innovative research that integrated psychographic Social Values with geodemographics for that groundbreaking segmentation system. In addition, Danny has built a variety of desktop and online site evaluation models for restaurants, retail stores, financial institutions and government agencies. After earning a master’s degree in geography from York University, he worked at Compusearch/MapInfo, where he built complex models used in site selection, database marketing, consumer behaviour and target marketing.

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