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Elves and Reindeer

Published Dec 17, 2015, 10:31 AM by Andrea Longman

reindeer ‘Tis the season for holiday cheer and—for Client Advocates like me who love telling a story with data—the opportunity to imagine the lifestyle of a segment that includes the North Pole and postal code H0H 0H0. So with visions of sugar plums and Social Values dancing in my head, here’s my PRIZM5-style take on a rural segment that’s the traditional home of elves, reindeer and the Kringle clan.

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Segment 69 - North Pole Folks

The members of North Pole Folks are masters at harnessing the torrent of Big Data as they track billions of children around the world and capture their wishes, their naughty and nice behaviour indicators and their forwarding address information (Adaptability to Complexity). They take their obligations to deliver presents and good will around the world in one night seriously, and they relish the challenge of finding flight paths around snowstorms and overcoming interminable winter colds, ensuring that their work is done on time and with a hearty carol or two (Work Ethic, Duty, Time Stress, Fulfillment through Work). While the head of the community, who is invariably described as jolly, has discussed integrating new technology into the town’s workshop, segment members express distrust in new machinery and processes, emphasizing the potential negative impact on the essential magical nature of children discovering stockings stuffed with toys hung by fireplaces (Technology Anxiety, Interest in the Unexplained). In the off-season, segment members leave the workshop to travel the world to work on their tans and build greater cultural understanding while gathering ideas for new and improved their toys (Need for Escape, Social Learning). Winter months typically find members gathering at outdoor clubs to build their endurance by racing against reindeer and competing in snowperson-building contests (Attraction to Nature, Personal Challenge, Effort toward Health, Community Involvement).

santa-relaxing santa-elves-relaxing santa-relaxing-2 


“I like milk and cookies”
"I think it is important that children experience joy in their lives”
“It is important that everyone takes care of the world”
“I feel that reindeer are a little spoiled, but that’s not a bad thing” “Elves Rule, Reindeers Drool”


Households – 2        Age 75+ – 302 – 100%   
Total Population – 302   Average Age – 601 yrs  
Sex   Dwelling Type  
Male – 1 – 0.3%   Single detached – 1 – 50%
Female – 1 – 0.3%   Collective Dwelling – 1 – 50%
Elf – 300 – 99.4%   Employment
    Manufacturing – 302 - 100%
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