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Environics Analytics Named Reseller of CAP Index Data

Nov 19, 2012, 06:37 AM by Environics Analytics
Environics Analytics (EA), the marketing services and data analytics company, today announced it has become an authorized reseller of data from CAP Index

Environics Analytics (EA), the marketing services and data analytics company, today announced it has become an authorized reseller of data from CAP Index, the world’s leading supplier of statistical information related to criminal activity. The agreement gives EA license to provide customers with CAP Index’s CRIMECAST® database, which helps businesses and government agencies forecast risk and develop loss mitigation solutions. 

Founded in 1988, CAP Index uses statistics, demographics and computer modeling to determine the likelihood of crime for any location in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. It created the CRIMECAST database by correlating a broad array of demographic variables—such as housing, economic and education data (but not race, religion and gender information)—with historical crime data, survey information and other known indicators of crime. By providing a crime risk score for every address, CRIMECAST helps users identify risk factors and avoid losses when undertaking a variety of important activities, including:

• Site Selection: rank and compare crime risk at multiple locations to guide the location of new sites
• Target Marketing: determine levels of risk for credit card and other types of fraud in specific areas before launching a marketing campaign 
• Real Estate Investment: measure crime risk that could affect real estate value at any address, intersection or geographic coordinates 
• Company and Brand Protection: safeguard employees, customers, physical assets and brand reputation with appropriate security infrastructure

“We believe this data will be of great value to our customers in their marketing and real estate efforts,” says Jan Kestle, President of Environics Analytics. “Companies and government agencies can use the data to evaluate the risks related to current locations and sites being considered for the future. Financial institutions can use CAP Index data as an additional tool to evaluate the risks related to properties. CRIMECAST’s loss forecast data are the best in the world, and we’re honoured to have been selected as an authorized reseller for Canada.” 

Thousands of companies—including most of the top 100 U.S. corporations—as well as government agencies and other organizations across the U.S., U.K., and Canada use CRIMECAST information to forecast and avoid losses due to criminal activity. For EA, the new dataset adds to a growing number of product offerings that provide clients with customer insights, target marketing and site evaluation services. The nine-year-old company has developed a lengthy client list among leading Canadian companies by providing proprietary data, custom modeling and purpose-built software for retail stores, restaurants and financial institutions. “CAP Index data represent a significant and very valuable addition to the data products Environics Analytics offers,” says Kestle. “We’re delighted to bring our customers fresh insights to better understand their locations and markets.”

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About CAP Index, Inc.
Since 1988, CAP Index, Inc. has provided innovative solutions to Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies looking to minimize a broad range of losses, including shortage, general liability, fraud and crimes against persons and property. CAP Index provides loss forecasting tools to 81 of the U.S. Fortune 100 companies, nine of the U.K.’s top 15 FTSE companies, as well as leading retailers, financial institutions, insurance companies and quick service restaurant chains throughout the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

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