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Environics Analytics Launches National Database For Enhancing Customer Profiles

Dec 1, 2015, 14:01 PM by Environics Analytics
Toronto, December 1, 2015 — Environics Analytics (EA) today announced the launch of CanadaReach, a new, multi-sourced compiled database of 9 million households
CanadaReach Compiles Contact Data on 9 Million Households

Toronto, December 1, 2015 — Environics Analytics (EA) today announced the launch of CanadaReach, a new, multi-sourced compiled database of 9 million households intended to help organizations augment their customer records with contact and other information to create more robust profiles. Offering the highest coverage rate in Canada, it provides data on the names, addresses and home phone numbers of Canadian households.

“CanadaReach offers businesses and not-for-profits a major new resource to cleanse and enhance their customer records with up-to-date information,” says Jan Kestle, president and founder of EA. “The database is updated frequently and complies fully with privacy regulations. Using data from CanadaReach in conjunction with their own data, organizations can ensure that their customer profiles are current, which will ultimately improve the reach and effectiveness of their targeted marketing initiatives.”

Built from multiple telephone directory sources, CanadaReach is available with monthly or quarterly updates. The database is processed using PerfectAddress™, the EA-designed and Canada Post-approved SERP (Software Evaluation and Recognition Program) tool for address verification and standardization. Over 90 percent of the database records include full 6-digit postal codes, and 5 million addresses are fully mailable—making CanadaReach an exceptionally useful resource for both database enhancement and targeting.

In addition, CanadaReach can be used in conjunction with other EA products to help marketers connect with prospects by telephone or direct mail. CanadaReach can be linked to PRIZM5, EA’s segmentation system, along with other EA datasets, such as SocialValues, HouseholdSpend and WealthScapes, for understanding the mindset, household spending and financial behaviour of prospective customers. The variables within the CanadaReach database (dwelling type, mailing status and gender) are identified at the individual record level.

The CanadaReach release includes two related databases designed for updating customer records and facilitating target marketing. The CanadaReach Pre-Movers file, a compilation of residential properties for sale across Canada, indicates households that are highly likely to be moving in the near future, suggesting opportunities for businesses to engage with Canadians who may be seeking mortgages, telephony, insurance and other services. The CanadaReach Movers database contains households that have just moved and is ideal for financial institutions, retailers and local businesses seeking to target recent arrivals to their trade areas.

“The bottom line,” says Kestle, “is that CanadaReach gives marketers a new, large national database source that can be used with a wide range of demographic, psychographic and lifestyle data to better understand and connect with existing and prospective customers.”
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