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Environics Analytics Selects Optable to Enhance Clean Room Capabilities

Jul 12, 2022, 08:00 AM by Environics Analytics

Optable chosen to extend data collaboration and advanced audience targeting for advertisers, publishers and data owners

Toronto, July 12, 2022 – As part of its clean room services and FuturesLab investment strategy, Environics Analytics (EA) today announced a partnership with Montreal-based, Optable, a SaaS data collaboration platform and clean room solution designed for the advertising ecosystem. EA will integrate Optable’s technology into EA’s existing EAVault clean room, providing clients with expanded options for secure data matching, data collaboration, audience enhancement and advanced advertising.


This partnership builds on Environics Analytics’ EAVault marketing and analytics clean room strategy first announced last year at its user conference. Built specifically for the Canadian market, the EAVault clean room enables organizations to collaborate using their first-party data for advanced audience targeting, activation and measurement based on best-in-class technology and methods, identity resolution options and privacy-first principles.


“We are excited to leverage the advanced cryptography and real-time media capabilities that Optable has built,” says Jan Kestle, EA President. “Canada has a unique marketing, adtech and regulatory landscape. Together we will offer an expanded set of urgently needed data matching, analytics and execution solutions for the Canadian market.”


As advertisers face new challenges in their campaign targeting efforts due to the disappearance of third-party cookies, deprecation of location data, and more stringent privacy regulations, the dependence on first-party data continues to grow. Clean rooms that are accessible, compliant and powered with best-in-class analytics are key to addressing that challenge.


“Environics Analytics has a long history of helping advertisers, agencies and media owners get the right message to the right audiences – quickly, easily and based on top-quality data and tools,” says Yves Poiré, Optable’s co-founder and CEO. “We’re thrilled that Optable’s technology will help continue that strong legacy in the EA clean room.”


Advertisers, agencies, media owners and other owners of first-party data can leverage the Environics Analytics EAVault clean room to optimize their marketing efforts like never before. EAVault services include:

  • Rigorous data audit and hygiene processes to maximize matching outcomes
  • Best-in-class record matching using deterministic and probabilistic methodologies
  • Multiple identity resolution options for a persistent view of consumers across channels and platforms
  • Audience analysis, enhancement and scaling with first- and third-party data
  • Target audience creation and execution in the omnichannel
  • Campaign response analysis, attribution and media/audience optimization


The EAVault clean room is part of Environics Analytics’ FuturesLab, an investment strategy that brings together leading technologies, analytics expertise and industry sector insights to create the end-to-end marketing and execution platform for the future.


For more information on the Environics Analytics EAVault clean room, please contact:

Evan Wood, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer



About Optable

Optable is a SaaS data connectivity platform designed for the advertising ecosystem in the age of privacy. Inspired by the radical transformation in how data is governed, connected, and used, Optable was built by veterans of the ad tech industry to address the need for a new generation of privacy-preserving data collaboration software.


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