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Consumer Insights

Create a comprehensive picture of your customers by segmenting them according to shared demographic, lifestyle, values and behavioral traits. Segments can help organizations create highly targeted marketing campaigns, retain high value customers and inform site-related decisions.

  • Segmentation help you quickly understand the primary characteristics of your target market.

  • Profiling uses Pop-Facts® or PRIZM Premier®, to analyze your best customers, or other groups, by comparing them to a benchmark and helping you determine which segments to target.

  • Personification provides insight on your customers' lifestyles, media and channel preferences, purchase behaviours, values and attitudes.

  • Media and Channel Optimization helps you design the most relevant marketing initiatives across digital and traditional media, as well as customer service channels.

  • Data Mining extracts information and insights from your data to help inform decision-making around customer value, revenue generation and cost optimization.

  • Predictive Analytics can be used to help develop strategies for customer acquisition and retention, up-selling and cross-selling products, reducing customer churn and developing pricing strategies.


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