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Profiling & Segmentation

Quickly understand the primary characteristics of your target market to help inform engagement strategies, develop relevant communications and optimize site selection.

We offer an array of segmentation options to help you achieve your goals, including PRIZM® Premier, our comprehensive segmentation system. PRIZM® Premier can be combined with your customer data or our extensive behavioral databases to generate target segments that provide additional execution capabilities. Users can quickly interpret the composition of their target market by connecting PRIZM® Premier with any of our extensive databases to develop detailed personas and actionable engagement strategies.

While PRIZM® Premier is a robust resource that is invaluable to any organization looking to understand their customers, we can also create custom segments based on your customer data that are aligned with your goals and objectives. Using geodemographic profiling and other custom variables as the foundation, we build target segments by analyzing data, variables and themes most relevant to your business. We can also incorporate data from surveys, CRM systems and transaction information into each segment to produce even deeper insights about your target market. We can also develop custom segments using your business-to-business data.

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Customer Profiling

Create a comprehensive picture of a neighborhood or custom trade area based on shared customer demographic, financial, lifestyle, attitudinal and behavioral traits. Understand which customer segments live in a defined area and bolster acquisition efforts by locating prospective customers and new markets most likely to respond to your value proposition.

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Custom Segments

Increase acquisition and relevancy by creating custom segments that leverage customer data with rich behavioral and attitudinal data. Using PRIZM® Premier as the building block, include a variety of data from multiple sources such as surveys, CRM systems and transaction information to produce even deeper insights about your target market and align to your goals and objectives.

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B2B Segments

Locate untapped potential within your market by building custom business segments based on your corporate strengths and market opportunity. Identify clients that have higher potential value to your organization and then prioritize internal resources according to client stage, complexity of client needs and responsiveness to up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.

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We Know Data

From data supplier to full-service data and analytics consultancy, we help you connect with your target market by employing innovative approaches, robust methodologies and a collaborative culture. Our expertise sets us apart from the competition.

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Our team includes some of the most experienced geodemographers, data scientists, modelling experts, statisticians and marketing experts in North America. We’re ready to help you map your analytics journey from start to finish. Think of us as your competitive advantage.

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