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Using best practices gained over 50 years in the data and analytics industry, we built ENVISION to be a powerful analytics platform. Combine your data with our databases and utilizing ENVISION workflows and mapping, generate a deeper understanding of your consumers, prospects and trade areas, anywhere in North America.

Powerful consumer insight and market intelligence platform

ENVISION is a cloud-based, secure platform that gives you access to more than 40,000 variables including demographics, consumer behaviour, lifestyles and values. With an intuitive user interface and interactive dashboard for sharing reports and maps, ENVISION is as easy-to-use as it is powerful.


Robust mapping built on Esri’s ArcGIS server


Pre-built marketing insight workflows


Automatic data updates for accurate analysis


Executive reporting and charting


Powered by authoritative data sources


Desktop and tablet compatible

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For a deeper understanding of your customers and markets

Identify your best consumers, develop targeted marketing campaigns, analyze trade areas and pinpoint new site locations.

Evaluate Site Locations and Trade Areas

Geocode, analyze and map trade areas and pinpoint new site locations, then visualize your results with robust mapping, charting and reporting.

Customized Segmentation

Gain insights into who your best customers are or could be. Segment them according to your business needs, including personal wealth, preferred language, lifestyle values, and media preferences.

Personify Your Customer Base

Develop a holistic picture of what customers in a given market are buying and how they consume products. Understand what they are doing and where you can find more of them.

Improve Media Planning and Targeting

Locate where the highest-potential prospects live, evaluate demand and launch targeted, effective marketing campaigns.

Share Results and Findings

Create stakeholder alignment through in-depth reports and comprehensive charting. Share your findings across the organization via interactive dashboards and informative microsites.


Privacy Compliant, Authoritative Databases

Enhance your data with our comprehensive databases for more informed decision making. Choose from 60 databases offering more than 40,000 variables that help you connect with consumers.



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