Power your public programs with data analytics.

Make data driven decisions that help improve the quality of life for the communities you serve. From data enhancement to behavioural insights and community analysis, we work with government agencies to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and achieve better outcomes for public programs and initiatives.

Gain a deep understanding of your citizens

Use segmentation and behavioural insights to understand the values and attitudes of those living in your communities. Create healthier, safer environments by determining essential services levels based on citizen profiles and then deliver effective communications and media channel strategies. Reinvent how you deliver programs using demographic trends and data such as lifestyle, ethnicity, acculturation, language use or rates of crime in a given area.

Develop communities and evaluate catchment areas

Make informed site, location and capital investment decisions using analytics tools such as GIS mapping, geocoding and spatial analytics. Plan your communities based on the latest demographic data and neighbourhood trends, attract new business and spur retail development in your economic centers using location intelligence, grow tourism and determine the optimal mix of products and essential services for a specific location or area.

Enhance your data and improve decision making

Combine your data with our reliable, privacy compliant data to broaden your analytical capabilities. Meeting the highest quality standards, our data integrates with leading GIS software to help you perform forecasting, identify patterns and analyse trends. Using our demographic and financial databases, you can estimate variables such as daytime demand, understand your constituents’ net worth or find the highest concentration of young families in any geographic area.

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    “Environics Analytics ENVISION platform is one of the tools we use to help the small business community in York Region. ENVISION is a really powerful tool for small biz owners, especially those that are hyper-local.”

    Jonathan Wheatle, Manager Strategic Economic Initiatives | Regional Municipality of York
  • london-professional-fire-fighter-association

    “Our approach to using market analytics from Environics Analytics to save lives is spreading to other fire departments. The Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office wants other departments across the province to follow our lead because this strategy focuses on the first two lines of defense: education and prevention.”

    David Lazenby | City of London, Fire Department
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    “The reduced analytical time creates less potential friction or ‘speed bumps’ for our customers. Solutions like PRIZM and custom modelling are tools you can use to extract the maximum value from the relationships you have with your customers.”

    Senior Manager of Customer Strategy and Insight | Royal Canadian Mint See the Case Study



We Know Data

Enhance your data with our privacy compliant, authoritative databases. Choose from over 60 databases including demographic, segmentation, behavioural and financial data. Here are a few of our reliable and up-to-date databases that support the public sector.


Using DemoStats, perform demographic trend analysis to create a long term location plan or create segments based on shared characteristics. With DaytimePop, estimate at home versus at work populations and daytime demand within any geographic area.

See database

Segmentation - PRIZM®

PRIZM® segments Canada’s neighbourhoods into 67 unique lifestyle types and incorporates data from nearly a dozen demographic, marketing and media sources to help you better analyze and understand your citizens and communities.

See database


Using WealthScapes, determine net worth, including average real estate values and discretionary income, of individuals in your communities. HouseholdSpend data enables you to understand household expenditures for items such as rent, groceries, drugs and childcare in a given area.

See database

Behavioural - CommunityLife

Measure key elements of social dynamics, such as the frequency of contact with family and friends, political activism, trust in public institutions, volunteer activity, union membership, religious group affiliation and cultural group associations.

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Meet our Public Sector Team

Our consultants have the strategic expertise and sector experience to help address your key business challenges. Many of our clients work with us as a seamless extension of their team and think of us as their competitive advantage.

Nader Shureih

Senior Vice President, Sales Team Leader

For over 20 years, Nader Shureih has worked in and with the public sector, supporting marketing, research, policy and communications. He joined EA in 2016 to help build the public sector portfolio and is now serving as Senior Vice President of Public Sector, BIAs and Transportation. In his current role, Nader works with clients across government to address key business questions and drive public sector efficiencies through data and analytics. Prior to joining EA, he taught market research at the post-secondary level in Ottawa, and managed the market research function at Service Canada, with a focus on three of Canada's biggest programs: EI, CPP an OAS.

Samuel Lau

Director, Business Development

Samuel is the Transportation, Municipality, and BIA sector sales lead at Environics Analytics. Samuel is a data and analytics professional with over 10 years of experience in data analytics, sales, marketing, and consulting. Sincerely interested in supporting clients and peers with his combination of business and technical acumen, Samuel is focused on driving success through his passion for helping clients leverage cutting-edge analytics to better understand and serve citizens and customers. Samuel holds a Bachelor of Mathematics in Honours Actuarial Science from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Management Analytics degree from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

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We’ve got the expertise to help. With decades of leadership and experience in the industry, we are the only analytics firm in Canada to offer our broad range of privacy compliant, consumer and business databases, proprietary software and team of industry professionals.

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