Privacy Compliant, Authoritative Databases

Enhance your data with our comprehensive databases for more informed decision making. Choose from over 60 databases offering more than 40,000 variables that help you connect with consumers.



Reach your best customers, track neighbourhood growth patterns and forecast trends with demographic data covering sex, age, education, housing, cultural diversity, occupation, income levels, marital status and more. We offer five proprietary databases built from multiple sources.


Create a comprehensive picture of your customers according to their shared demographic, lifestyle and behavioural traits. Discover where they live and understand their preferences to create more effective marketing strategies. In addition to custom segmentation services, we offer four off-the-shelf segmentation systems, including PRIZM®, Canada’s leading consumer segmentation system.

Mobile Analytics

Enhance what you know about your visitors with mobile analytics. Whether you’re relying on our experts or accessing mobile data through ENVISION, you will be able to quickly analyze high volumes of complex data and enhance it by connecting it to our demographic, psychographic and lifestyle data to generate detailed visitor profiles, keep tabs on the competition and improve your site selection process.


Understand the investment behaviour of Canadians and develop a comprehensive picture of their assets, liabilities and net worth. Make smarter marketing decisions, size the market, improve product mix, assess spending power and monitor trade areas based on spending and investment behaviour. Choose from 10 databases, including WealthScapes, Canada’s most comprehensive financial database.


Understand your customers’ mindset, learn what matters to them most and see how it affects their purchase decisions. Psychographic data will allow you to develop communications and merchandising strategies to engage your customers based on their view of the world.


Focus your marketing efforts and craft effective messaging by targeting Canadians based on health-related data as well as their attitudes and behaviours towards health care.


Develop more engaging media and marketing strategies by factoring in the behaviours and attitudes of your target market. We partner with leading data and survey providers to produce twelve databases that offer insights on a range of topics, from media and shopping habits to attitudes on charitable giving and the environment.


Location databases can identify expansion opportunities, target consumers with precision, analyze the competition and align services with the needs of the community. With these databases, users can create compelling maps of their data that work with popular GIS software products. The street and boundary data come from industry-leading data partners.


Work from the best contact lists in Canada. These customer contact databases will help you identify prospects to contact by telephone, direct mail or email, update customer records, establish relationships with new customers to your area and target new homeowners for products and services.


Evaluate the competitive landscape around any existing or proposed site, including mapping the location of your competitors. The databases we offer can help you determine a site’s retail opportunity, estimate a new store’s sales potential and identify business prospects for targeted marketing.


Enhance your understanding of your target market with the ability to dive deeper into consumer behaviour. Through our partnerships with survey panel companies and leading research companies, you can ask custom questions to uncover insights on a range of topics such as marketplace behaviour, media preferences, technology and telecommunications, financial matters and health care concerns.


Get the most out of your GIS software products by linking your customer data to geographic areas to help improve site selection and location analysis, strategic planning, product distribution and competitor analysis. We offer a suite of mapping and data products for use in media planning, target marketing and consumer profiling.

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