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Evaluate the competitive landscape around any existing or proposed site including mapping the location of your competitors. We can help you determine the site’s retail opportunity, estimate a new store’s sales potential and identify business prospects for targeted marketing.

  • BusinessProfiles, based on lnfoCanada data, the BusinessProfiles database covers 1.2 million Canadian businesses and provides users with counts of businesses by industry class, NAICS code, employee size range and sales volumes in each Census dissemination area.

  • ResponseCanada™ Business is one of Canada’s most reliable business lead databases. Get full, accurate data, complete with contact information and firmographic insights to help you target and profile with unparalleled precision.

  • Businesses is a detailed list of over 1 million businesses from lnfoCanada, and includes company name, street name or NAICS industry code and location coordinates.

  • WorkplaceNow provides detailed estimates of the number of workers and days worked at employment locations for all levels of Census geography, showing trends in employment districts, cities, regions and user-defined geographies like trade areas.

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Identify expansion opportunities, target consumers with precision, analyze the competition and align services with the needs of the community. Create compelling maps that work with popular GIS software products. The street and boundary data comes from industry leading data partners and includes points of interest—retail locations, schools, waterways, parks and bus terminals—that can be added on thematic layers.


Understand Canadians’ investment behaviour and develop a comprehensive picture of their assets, liabilities and net worth. Make smarter marketing decisions, improve product mix and inventory levels and monitor trade areas based on spending and investment behaviour. Choose from nine databases, including WealthScapes, Canada’s most comprehensive financial database.

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