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Harnessing data across your organization to be truly data-driven is not easy. Yet, the evidence is clear – it makes a big difference to your results.

Our experienced business analytics consultants are available to you every step of the way – whether you do it yourself, get us to do the work or somewhere in between. From developing your analytics strategy to implementing and measuring your results, EA will partner with you to achieve the results that data promises.





Our mission is to make people's lives better and our clients more successful.

Whether your business needs are to develop a data-driven strategy, improve your data quality, better understand your customers, analyse your markets or create a measurement plan, we’ll work with you to turn data and analytics into insight, execution and results. That’s how we help.



Develop a data-driven strategy

Build the right foundation for implementing successful analytics initiatives and solving your key business challenges. Leverage your data assets by accessing a range of analytical consulting and planning services. Through our collaborative and flexible approach, we have the expertise to help you attain the greatest return on your analytics investment.

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Improve your data quality

Ensure your files are clean, structured, comprehensive and ready for analysis. Whether you have an abundance of data or a little, we can integrate your data into a single workable file, apply best practices in data hygiene and fill in gaps with our market data and insights. With our data quality services, you can be sure your data assets meet the highest standards.

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Understand your customers

Build a deep and accurate overview of your consumers, prospects, donors or citizens by understanding who they are, where they live, what they think and how they behave. By profiling, segmenting and personifying these groups according to shared traits, you can identify revenue-driving strategies and optimize your return on marketing spend.

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Analyze your markets

Make informed site, location and capital investment decisions. From understanding the customer composition and sales potential of a particular trade area to determining the viability of expanding your branch, store or restaurant network, we have the expertise to help you efficiently allocate resources and manage your network to increase profitability.

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Execute your strategy

Realize the full potential of your analytics investment. We can help you apply insights derived from your data, including identifying preferred media channels and optimal execution options. Then execute the plan by leveraging our network of “Geek Approved” partners across direct marketing, digital ad and advanced television targeting, email marketing and media planning.

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Measure your results

Combining market intelligence data, small-area geographic analysis and randomized controls, we will develop a comprehensive plan to help you measure the performance of your marketing initiatives and demonstrate the benefits of a data-driven campaign. Analyse response rates and get insights to optimize your channels and campaign messaging and inform your analytics roadmap.

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Privacy Compliant, Authoritative Market Data

Enhance your data with our comprehensive databases for more informed decision making. Choose from over 60 databases offering more than 40,000 variables that help you connect with consumers.

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