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Data has the power to deliver tremendous value to individuals, companies, and communities. At EA, our mission is to make people’s lives better and our clients more successful through transformative data insights and analytics. And we do this through the ethical use of our data assets.

When working with clients, we focus on raising awareness of privacy issues through training and educational resources. We do not knowingly sell or provide data to any user who has any intention of using the data improperly.

Clients who license and use our data must agree to our contractual obligation on the use of the data. This includes the obligation not to re-identify, de-anonymize or alter any of the anonymity of our data products including demographic, behavioural and location data. Clients agree to use the data only in its’ de-identified state, whether alone or in combination with other data. In addition, clients must not use our data products for any discriminatory practices or for any purpose that could result in harm to any individual, marginalized group, or community.

When delivering project work for a client using our Mobile Movement Data, EA will conduct a Sensitive Analytics Process Review. Different types of sensitive locations can be associated with privacy and security concerns. Sensitivity can vary based on context, region, and specific circumstances. When dealing with data related to these sensitive locations, it's crucial to adhere to legal regulations, ethical guidelines, and best practices for data security and privacy.

Process and Procedure:

  1. Before executing any project work, signing a statement of work, or running reports for a client, the executing team should review the proposed plan against the list of General Sensitive Locations and Culturally Sensitive Locations in the subsequent tables.
  2. If any of the project specifications indicate that the information could be considered Personal Information (Yes, or Requires Review), then the project team is responsible for emailing the Privacy Office, Privacy@environicsanalytics.com, to review the project plan.
  3. The Privacy Office will review the statement of work to determine any potential risks to the individual or community by executing the proposed analysis.
  4. The Privacy Office will return with a list of risks and provide an opinion on if the analysis should be executed.
  5. The project team will save a copy of the communications with the Privacy Office as part of the project plan/artifacts. It is the responsibility of the project team to ensure that this conversation is documented and saved as part of their project.

Meeting the Highest Standard of Privacy

Privacy by Design ISO 31700-1 certification validates that a company fully integrates privacy and data protection principles into the design and development of products, services, and systems from the outset.

Meeting the Highest Standards of Security

Questions? Concerns? Contact Us.

Environics Analytics (EA) has appointed a Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) to ensure accountability and effectively manage a privacy management program designed to protect privacy and set policies and processes. To report security incidents, express concerns and feedback regarding EA’s privacy and security practices, please email, phone, or mail the Chief Privacy Officer using the information below.

In addition, requests for individual access or any other inquiry regarding our privacy practices, please get in touch with the Chief Privacy Officer using the same information below.

EA will respond in a timely manner to your requests.


Person in Charge for Privacy

James P. Smith - Environics Analytics Chief Privacy Officer

Email: Privacy@environicsanalytics.com

Phone: 888.339.3304 x1498


Or by Mail


Atten: James P. Smith - Environics Analytics Chief Privacy Officer

33 Bloor Street East Suite 400

Toronto ON M4W 3H1



If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact our U.S.-based third-party dispute resolution provider (free of charge) at https://feedback-form.truste.com/watchdog/request.

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