Improve customer experience in banking

Use evidence-based decision making to meet the emerging needs of your customers. Data analytics can help you identify hidden opportunities, accelerate customer engagement, prioritize offers, influence digital adoption and identify at-risk members. Whether you are one of Canada’s Big Six, a direct bank or a fintech startup, we have the expertise to help you create customer-centric, scalable solutions for the rapidly changing financial services sector.


Enhance acquisition and your customer journey

Develop custom segments that leverage your brand equity and align with your strategic goals and objectives. Create rich personas to improve customer experience and increase engagement. Bolster acquisition efforts by locating prospective customers and identifying new markets most likely to respond to your value proposition.


Improve your engagement strategy and gain efficiencies

Use WealthScapes, our comprehensive database of financial behaviour, to model your customers’ potential value and prioritize resources. Predict next best products to accelerate your growth with new customers and proactively identify and engage at-risk customers.


Optimize your network and channel strategy

Identify the drivers that influence adoption of web and mobile banking while optimizing your distribution strategy. Gain deeper insights into market potential to identify areas of opportunity and underserved markets. Analyze mobility data to understand visitor patterns at your branches and those of your competitors.

Becoming a data-driven organization

Becoming a data-driven organization. Build it or buy it?

Becoming a data-driven organization is a journey. A key question at the start of the journey is do I buy the data and services or build the capabilities internally? The following guide is designed to help you begin to chart your course. Complete with the questions, considerations and insight you need to evaluate your options, this guide will help you begin to think about required actions in scaling your data-driven efforts while balancing your organization’s short and long term needs.

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    "Environics was integral in helping us better understand our new and existing clients following our rebranding. Using a collaborative, data-driven approach, they were able to drive insights about our clients’ behaviour and develop invaluable personas of our top segments. We used these to target prospects and clients using an optimal media mix and more relevant communications of product offers through appropriate channels. Throughout our engagement, the team remained highly engaged and attentive."

    Ali Khan, Sr. Director, Client Analytics, Strategy and Insights | Simplii Financial
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    “Always just a phone call away, the Environics Analytics team equipped us with the tools, training and collaborative support that resulted in significant insight into our business and an ability to translate that insight into winning campaigns.”

    Stephanie West, Marketing Generalist | Steinbach Credit Union
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    “In a saturated market, it’s more important than ever to engage the right members, at the right time, with the right message to earn their loyalty and more of their business. Thanks to our work with Environics Analytics, we now have the data and analytics to better understand our members when we make decisions.”

    Adam Thome, Insights Manager | Affinity Credit Union



We Know Data

Enhance your data with our privacy compliant, authoritative databases. Choose from over 45 databases including financial, demographic, segmentation and behavioural data. Here are a few of our popular databases that support the needs of the financial services industry.


CAN map of financial data showing net worth

Financial - WealthScapes

WealthScapes is Canada’s most comprehensive financial database. Built using authoritative data and sophisticated modelling techniques to quantify the assets and liabilities of Canadian households.

See database

Map of CAN Segmentation Data for PRIZM5 Spectra

Segmentation - PRIZM

By segmenting Canada’s neighbourhoods into 68 unique lifestyle types, PRIZM incorporates data from nearly a dozen demographic, marketing and media sources to help you better analyze and understand your banking customers.

See database

Canadian Demographics map showing Maintainers 25 to 34

Demographics Databases

Using DemoStats, perform demographic trend analysis to create a long term location plan or segments based on shared characteristics. With DaytimePop, estimate at home and at work populations during regular business hours.

See database

Demonstration of geofencing in mobility analytics


Enhance what you know about visitors to your bank branches with mobile analytics. Mobile data can be instrumental in site selection by identifying areas of higher potential value based on visitor patterns.

See database

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with Environics Analytics as opposed to doing it myself? keyboard_arrow_down

We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborative with your internal teams and external partners. At Environics Analytics, you'll get access to a broad range of data scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, geographers, developers and business and marketing strategists. With hundreds of years of cumulative experience, we're skilled in uncovering insights using analytics tools such as custom segmentation, predictive modelling and location intelligence. We also offer more than 45 databases containing over 30,000 variables enabling you to augment your data with market data for enhanced analysis.

If your organization is in the early stages of your analytics journey, we can provide training and support for your team and help you build a business case for bringing the tools and expertise needed for continuous analysis in-house. For many of our clients, our team does the work their internal teams don’t have the capacity or experience to complete. You'll find our approach extremely collaborative and flexible so we can provide you with solutions that scale easily to your needs and budget.

We recently invested in research-based segments. How can I leverage this investment with the work Environics Analytics does? keyboard_arrow_down

It is not uncommon for banks to conduct research on their customers or develop segments internally or through a third party. We have worked with many banks to help them take their strategic research segments and make them actionable at the 6-digit postal code level. This helps link your strategy to your branches, marketing initiatives and regional tactics. For example, we can help you target millennials or the mass affluent population.

Given we own a significant amount of first-party customer data, what is the value of market data from Environics Analytics? keyboard_arrow_down

Many financial institutions have clean and accessible datasets on their current customers. However, this data is often limited to their current financial relationship with your organization and some pertinent demographic data collected as part of a product application. Augmenting your data with market data can help create a more robust picture of who your customers are and their needs. We offer a wealth of market data on financial preferences with your bank and your competitors including digital behaviour, psychographics, ethnicity and other demographic data not typically collected. Since this data is available at the postal code level, it can also help to inform acquisition strategies with people who are not yet your customers and provide insight on how to better attract them to your brand. See databases

If my data is siloed across my organization, can I still work with you? keyboard_arrow_down

Absolutely. We are highly skilled at building analytical files that combine data from disparate sources. If you can provide us with a way to link customer data across different tables, we can do the rest.

How can I obtain executive level buy-in to become a data driven organization? keyboard_arrow_down

Congratulations on wanting to foster a data-driven culture. The analytics journey starts with finding the right executive sponsor to support the cultural shift, understanding the data needs across all departments and levels of the organization and then building an analytics roadmap. Our team is highly skilled at helping you connect key stakeholders and develop a strong business plan, including aligning your data and analytics strategy to your business goals, creating an implementation plan and developing success metrics. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you kick-start your analytics journey. Contact us

Do your databases follow best practices around privacy compliance and consumer protection? keyboard_arrow_down

We take privacy, compliance, and data governance very seriously, and we are very proud of receiving favourable SSAE CSAE 3416 SOC1 Type II ,SOC2 Type II, and HIPAA/HITECT audit reports after rigorous, independent reviews of our internal security controls. The reports represent certification with programs such as CSAE 3416 (Canadian Standard on Assurance Engagements (CSAE) 3416), AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and HIPAA-HITECH.

In addition, the source data used as inputs to our product development are 100 percent privacy compliant. Any personal information provided to us by clients is used solely for the purposes of their business and is safeguarded in client-specific, firewalled locations in secured data centers. We also ensure that our compliance policies for Canada and the U.S. are consistent with the E.U.'s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). See our databases

How can mobile analytics support sponsorship opportunities? keyboard_arrow_down

Mobile analytics can enhance what you know about who attends sporting events, festivals, charity races, gallery openings etc. It can be instrumental in determining if sponsorship initiatives are aligned with your target market.

MobileScapes is an anonymized, permission-based data service, which uses data collected from location-enabled devices that were observed within a geofenced area defined by latitude and longitude. Our mobility data is collected only if consent or permission is provided by the individual. See MobileScapes

How can I measure the ROI of my analytics? keyboard_arrow_down

We have experience working with our clients to develop testing and measurement plans to assess the success of your segmentation, modelling, campaigns.



Meet our Financial Services Practice Team

Our consultants have the strategic expertise and sector experience to help address your key business challenges. Many of our clients work with us as a seamless extension of their team and think of us as their competitive advantage.

Catherine Pearson Headshot

Catherine Pearson

Senior Vice President and Practice Leader

Catherine Pearson is Senior Vice President and Practice Leader for the finance industry. With nearly 25 years of sales and account management experience, Catherine provides companies with extensive consulting and applications support to implement their marketing programs and custom modelling solutions. A frequent speaker at conferences sponsored by industry and trade groups, she earned an honours degree in business from the University of Windsor and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Western Ontario.

Michael Warner

Michael Warner

Vice President of Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development, Michael provides high-quality service and support for Environics Analytics’ applications and data products. With more than 20 years of experience, he has lead responsibility for helping banks and financial institutions implement their marketing programs and custom modelling solutions. Prior to joining Environics Analytics, Michael had a successful career at Canadian Imperial Bank of Canada (CIBC) managing numerous products with their retail and small banking division. Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University.

Sharon Brown

Sharon Brown

Vice President Consulting Services

Sharon helps clients develop actionable data strategies to uncover insights that lead to business growth. She has more than 25 years of experience in CRM, focusing on acquiring customers to maximizing customer loyalty, engagement and profitability. Earlier in her career, Sharon led the account services team at OgilvyOne and served as Director of Response Marketing at ING Direct (now Tangerine). Prior to joining Environics Analytics, Sharon headed her own consultancy practice, designing strategies for customer communications and loyalty programs. She has an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto.

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Our industry experts publish timely analysis of government data releases, opinions on industry trends and insights on how organizations are embracing big data and analytics to help you stay informed.



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