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Case Studies

Discover how we are helping organizations use data analytics for evidence-based decision making to improve marketing, guide their high-level strategic planning and drive operational improvements.

Colourful storefont with the DVBIA logo in the centre of the image

Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association

To understand the impacts of COVID-19 lockdown measures on key business and retail corridors, the DVBIA needed data on their visitor base to compare with pre-pandemic levels.

Person looking at art gallery wall with The Power Plant logo in the centre of the image

The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

To attract a larger and more diverse audience, TPP required actionable data to gain a detailed understanding of their different visitor segments and the best ways to engage with each of these groups.

Hockey arena with True North Sports and Entertainment logo in the centre of the image


A segmentation analysis helped provide TNSE with a more complete view of their fans, who attended games and what the market potential was for TNSE’s brand at large. Leveraging these data resulted in generating greater ROI for their direct mail campaign.

View of the top of buildings with Young girl pretending to be a superhero with Cushman and Wakefield logo in the centre of image

Cushman & Wakefield

CWAS linked mobile movement data with customer and third party data to generate consumer insights that influenced every aspect of CWAS managed properties, from the design and amenities to the retailers and special events that attract shoppers.

Student walking and smiling with Tyndale University logo on the right side of image

Tyndale University

Tyndale University maximized limited resources for its admissions and fundraising programs by investing in data and analytics tools which helped to improve its enrollment funnel and prospect pool.

View of ocean and lighthouse with New Brunswick logo in the centre of image

New Brunswick Tourism

For the first time, Tourism New Brunswick was able to link the customer segments it targeted in its campaigns to actual visitation to the province with the help of mobility analytics.

People smiling and giving high fives with York Region logo in centre of image

York Small Business Enterprise Centre

Small business owners in York Region needed the right tools to quickly and easily access market intelligence to help grow their business. ENVISION is helping with this journey.

smiling man with jacket over shoulder and harry rosen logo in centre of image

Harry Rosen

With the help of the Harry Rosen loyalty program, the retailer maintains detailed purchase histories for each customer, which allows staff to predict what products customers may be interested in next.

Family walking on a beach with Heart and Stroke Logo overlay in centre of image

Heart & Stroke Lottery

Using a win-back model, the Heart & Stroke Lottery reduced marketing spend, increased response rates and realized a 54 percent increase in year-over-year profit.

Man and son playing together with Enbridge logo in the centre of image

Enbridge / Union Gas

See how Union Gas accelerated adoption of their paperless-billing campaigns by creating consumer segments and sending targeted incentives through the most effective channels.

Ocean view with mountains and J. Richard Hill and Co logo in the centre of image

J. Richard Hill & Co

J. Richard Hill & Co used data and analytics to determine the ideal luxury retail tenants to approach for its client, Wai Kai Commercial Development, LLC.

Image of prairies field and sky with Westoba logo in the centre of image

Westoba Credit Union

To deliver on its promise to be a community leader that puts its members first, Westoba needed to develop a clear picture of its member base by identifying their needs and serving them effectively.

Image of Peggy's cove lighthouse with Credit Unions Atlantic Canada logo in the centre of image

Credit Unions Atlantic Canada

Using gap analysis Atlantic Central was able to help its members find opportunities, inform their regional marketing plans and identify which products to focus on by region.

Doctor smiling at patient with Mackenzie Health Foundation logo in the centre of image

Mackenzie Health Foundation

Using data and analytics the Mackenzie Health Foundation was able to significantly improve campaign response rates, reduce costs and increase donations.

Man cooking on a barbeque in his backyard with Walmart logo in the centre of image

Walmart Canada

Before launching a nationwide online grocery business, Walmart Canada wanted to better understand the shoppers who had been using the service in test markets.

Young couple admiring new General Motors car with GM Canada logo in the centre of the image

General Motors

To better understand its urban buyers General Motors created a local segmentation model, which informed the automakers' marketing and sales strategy in Toronto.

Young girl pretending to be a superhero with SickKids Foundation logo in the centre of image

SickKids Foundation

Using data and analytics SickKids Foundation was able to develop a multicultural fundraising plan to engage ethnic communities and expand its donor base.

Outdoor advertising at Dundas Square Toronto with Branded Cities  logo in the centre of image

Branded Cities

Using data and analytics, Branded Cities created a new tool to identify the optimum locations to place out-of-home ads to help its clients reach their target audiences.

Royal Canadian Mint silver coin with Royal Canadian Mint logo in the centre of image

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint used lifestyle-based segmentation to quickly develop targeted marketing campaigns and help grow its customer base.

University student studying on campus bench with UBC logo floating in the middle of image


Using data-driven profiles the University of British Columbia was able to identify a new donor population who had the wealth and ability to make a major gift.

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