Environics Analytics enters an exclusive partnership with LiveRamp in Canada, unlocking a world of opportunities with data collaboration.

Environics Analytics (EA) is proud to partner with LiveRamp, a global leader in marketing and advertising technology, to bring its technology and services to Canada, advancing data collaboration options – including audience targeting and cross-channel measurement.


Under the terms of this partnership, EA will be the sole provider of LiveRamp’s suite of products and services in Canada, which will be made available through EA’s data collaboration and clean room environments. Complementing EA’s existing data, analytics and clean room capabilities, the addition of LiveRamp’s suite of products accelerates the capability for industry stakeholders to successfully navigate today’s challenging marketing environment.


The combined solutions will increase the use of first-party data by:

✔ Leveraging a privacy-safe identity solution

✔ Enabling audience targeting at scale

✔ Activating across the media ecosystem

✔ Providing transparent measurement on the impact of advertising spend

✔ Accessing the best analytical methods and third-party data

We are breaking down barriers for advertisers, publishers and agencies


The addition of LiveRamp's Data Collaboration Platform to EA's existing capabilities immediately provides clients with access to proven technology used by hundreds of brands, publishers and agencies around the world.

This includes connectivity to hundreds of media platforms, DSPs and SSPs.

All products and services will be managed by EA within its comprehensive ISO 31700-1 (Privacy by Design) certified data and governance framework.

Expanded addressability, targeting at scale, measurement of outcomes, without cookies

Across channels, platforms and screens, including walled gardens

Enhanced data collaboration, identity resolution, clean room services

Seamless integration with EA's platforms, analytics and third-party data

ISO-certified Privacy by Design processes for Canada, Quebec and the GDPR

Let us help you get started.

Market Dynamics & Challenges

Significant disruption is taking place in today’s marketing environment with changes impacting all stakeholders:

  • For advertisers - disappearing cookies and deprecated location signals are challenging the ability to effectively target and reach relevant consumers.
  • For publishers - signal loss impacts audience addressability for publishers who need to connect their inventory to audiences and attract ad spend.
  • For agencies - the loss of legacy targeting capabilities means that an identity solution that is privacy compliant, effective in reaching the right consumers and can be used for scaling audiences and measuring outcomes, is paramount.

Data Collaboration is Imperative

Since 2021, EA has been making significant investments in its ‘made-in-Canada’ clean room environment and data collaboration services, including:

  • Technology Infrastructure - best-in-class, interoperable and agnostic across cloud providers, enabling access to data from all environments including Azure, GCP, AWS, Snowflake, Optable, DataBricks, and CDPs.
  • Application Layers - modular application layers that combine EA expertise, workflows and data with partner technology. From data hygiene and audience enrichment to statistical analysis and campaign measurement, the applications are flexible and use-case-dependent.
  • Governance and Security - enhanced Privacy by Design compliance (including ISO 31700-1 certification) with oversight by EA’s Data Governance Office.

Unlock the Full Potential of Data Collaboration

Building on EA’s solid technical and functional data collaboration foundation, LiveRamp’s platform helps clients to better connect, control and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes.

  • Enterprise Identity - Organizations can break down internal data silos and leverage their first-party data to build an enterprise identity framework that protects privacy and aligns to business priorities. For external applications, including campaign activation, brands can use the pseudonymous identifier — RampID — to connect to the digital ecosystem.
  • LiveRamp Data Collaboration Platform - Leveraging EA's existing technology infrastructure, data and statistical methods, this platform is designed to help advertisers and brands by providing a neutral connectivity infrastructure for secure data management, activation, measurement and collaboration between publishers, brands and partners.
  • LiveRamp Clean Room, Powered by Habu - Acquired by LiveRamp in January 2024, Habu provides a simple platform to measure campaigns across all programmatic and media channels as well as walled gardens, including Amazon, Google, and Meta (Facebook), and connects data seamlessly across all clouds, walled gardens and media partners globally.
  • Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) - ATS offers a scalable, proven solution for delivering better outcomes for publishers and is supported by more than 80 SSPs and 80 DSPs, locally and globally. There are already close to 16 million authenticated IDs available in Canada.

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