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Environics Analytics Releases CannabisInsights

Jul 19, 2018, 06:09 AM by Environics Analytics
Environics Analytics Launches a New Database on How Canadians View and Consume Cannabis

Toronto, July 19, 2018 – Environics Analytics is pleased to announce the launch of its newest database CannabisInsights Powered by Vividata. CannabisInsights is the only Canadian database that projects how consumers view and use cannabis at the neighbourhood level.

Based on the Canadian Cannabis Study by Vividata, this new database is designed to answer the key questions facing governments, retailers and producers looking to enter this rapidly evolving space. The database will give analysts, marketers and policy decision-makers access to 279 variables to build detailed consumer profiles at the six-digit postal code level.

“While there is a lot of interest in this emerging market, there are still plenty of unknowns around consumer behaviours, preferences and attitudes towards the drug. CannabisInsights was developed to provide some much needed clarity to this developing market,” says Jan Kestle, Founder, President and CEO of Environics Analytics. This database will help organizations better understand the recreational and medicinal cannabis consumption habits of Canadians, including their reasons for using it and their future intent, along with their perception of the drug.

“One of the most surprising things to come out of our research is how diverse consumption habits are not only between regions, but between neighbourhoods,” says Kestle. For instance, while almost 40% of Canadians between the ages of 19 and 34 in Vancouver say they consume cannabis, the rate of consumption varies considerably across the city. The highest consumption rates (45%+ use cannabis) within this age group are concentrated in 549 (or 15%) of the city’s 3,450 dissemination areas. Conversely, there are almost twice as many areas in the city where the consumption rate falls below 30%, which is below the national average. Often these high and low consumption areas are adjacent to each other.

“Environics Analytics' ability to link the extensive cannabis data collected by Vividata to other demographic and behavioural data at a postal code level gives organizations the detailed insights they need to succeed in this emerging market,” says Vividata President and CEO, Pat Pellegrini, Ph.D.

By linking this data to PRIZM5—our proprietary segmentation system—or to our other data products, analysts, can see how cannabis consumption aligns with consumer social values, media preferences and more, to inform their policy-making and marketing strategies.

CannabisInsights tracks data across the following categories:

  • Consumption
  • Acquisition, motivations and methods
  • Effects of consumption
  • Potential habits after legalization
  • Education
  • Psychographics
For more information about CannabisInsights, please visit our product page

About Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics is the premier marketing and analytical services company in Canada. The company offers a full range of analytical services to help customers turn data and analytics into insight, strategy and results. Environics Analytics team of quantitative marketers, modellers and geographers are experts at helping organizations identify their business challenges, develop data-driven solutions and achieve success along every phase of their analytics journey. 

About Vividata

Vividata is Canada’s authoritative source for insights on multi-media and consumer behaviour. It is the leading provider of cross platform audience measurement for publishers. The syndicated research uses a probability-based sample of over 40,000 individuals collected over 52 weeks, with results released quarterly. A tripartite, not-for-profit organization, Vividata is governed by a board of directors representing the interests of Canadian publishers, agencies and advertisers. To learn more about Vividata please visit

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