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Announcing the Environics Analytics FuturesLab

Nov 19, 2021, 10:20 AM by Environics Analytics

The Environics Analytics FuturesLab is an investment in advanced analytics to better connect and engage target audiences

Toronto, November 17, 2021 – Today at our 15th Annual User Conference with more than 1,000 attendees, Environics Analytics (EA) announced the creation of EA FuturesLab, a multi-million-dollar investment to ensure advertisers, agencies and platforms get the right message to the right audiences – quickly, easily and based on the top-quality data and tools they rely on from EA.


Projects underway include harnessing more big data updated more frequently, blending disparate data through secure Clean Room Services, and connecting EA data and workflows to the tools that organizations rely on - including DSPs, media buying tools and other activation platforms. The EA FuturesLab investment enables marketers and analysts to reach precise data-defined audiences like never before. 


“Canada has a unique marketing, adtech, and regulatory landscape that requires a homegrown solution. The EA FuturesLab initiatives leverage our expertise in creating data and solutions for the Canadian market,” said Jan Kestle, EA President. “Our objective is to provide high-quality data and analyses that drive insights, activation, attribution and ROI measurement. Analytics that make our clients more successful. In today's fast-changing environment, EA is committed to modernizing and future-proofing our technology. These projects will position EA to ‘skate to where the puck is going to be.’”


Designing the initiatives has benefited from input from many of EA’s hundreds of advertiser customers. In addition, dozens of agencies, publishers, and platforms have added EA data to their targeted buying solutions in the past 18 months.


With a team of over 30 programmers and data scientists that will continue to grow, EA FuturesLab spans multiple departments at EA, bringing together the end-to-end marketing and execution platform for the future. 



About Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics (EA) is the premier marketing and analytical services company in Canada, helping thousands of customers across every industry sector turn data and analytics into strategy, insights and results. Established in 2003, we specialize in using best-in-class data, analytics expertise and purpose-built software to address key challenges in areas such as consumer profiling and segmentation, multichannel media planning and execution, trade area analysis, merchandising strategies and site location decision-making. Our ENVISION platform provides quick and easy access to our comprehensive and privacy-compliant databases—including the latest mobile movement data. Environics Analytics is a Bell Canada company.


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