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Environics Analytics Renews Data Collection Certification from TrustArc

Jul 11, 2022, 08:24 AM by Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics continues its commitment to data privacy

Toronto, July 11, 2022 – Environics Analytics (EA) today announced for a third consecutive year that their organization has received a TRUSTe attestation for successfully satisfying the stringent Data Collection Certification criteria requirements as assessed by privacy compliance leader, TrustArc.


This continual commitment to data privacy demonstrates EA’s ongoing efforts to adhering to strict privacy principles and standards for privacy, security and transparency.


EA worked diligently with TrustArc to review and verify that their data privacy management practices comply with the standards outlined in the TrustArc Privacy & Data Governance Framework. By achieving the TRUSTe Data Collection Certification, Environics Analytics continues to exemplify its dedication to strong data privacy practices and enhancing customer and business partner trust.


“Combined with our SOC1 Type 2, SOC2 Type 2 and HITECH/HIPAA audits, the TRUSTe certification assures that our operations and programs meet or exceed regulatory compliance to the highest privacy standards available today,” said Jan Kestle, President of Environics Analytics.


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TrustArc’s TRUSTe Privacy Seal celebrates those companies that strive to treat client and customer information with the utmost respect and best practices. Founded in 1997, TrustArc is a non-profit industry association that helps businesses and organizations regulate global privacy concerns. For more information on TRUSTe, please visit TrustArc's website.


Learn more about the TRUSTe Data Collection Certification.

About Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics (EA) is the premier marketing and analytical services company in Canada, helping thousands of customers across every industry sector turn data and analytics into strategy, insights, and results. Established in 2003, we specialize in using best-in-class data, analytics expertise, and purpose-built software (including software-as-a-service platforms ENVISION and SPOTLIGHT) to address key challenges in areas such as consumer profiling and segmentation, multichannel media planning and execution, trade area analysis, merchandising strategies and site location decision-making. Environics Analytics is a Bell Canada company.


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