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Canadian Grocer: Why appealing to the aging population is money on the table

Mar 1, 2019, 08:56 AM by Josh Levi
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One in three adult Canadians are over the age of 55. Why grocers and consumer packaged goods companies should care.




Josh Levi, Vice President at Environics Analytics, shares how grocers can target the aging population led by the baby boomers. And why they should care.

One in three adult Canadians is already over the age of 55 and that ratio will continue to rise as more boomers inch closer to retirement. Within the next 20 years, boomers will account for almost half of all Canadian households. But the rapid growth of boomers isn’t even their most alluring feature—it’s their spending power. 

"Given the diversity within the boomer generation, it’s important to consider the type of boomer that is most relevant to each store, since it will shape everything from the message you use to engage them to the foods and brands you want to promote."

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