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Retail Insider: ClickSpend™ shows how online purchasing preferences vary across Canadian cities

Mar 5, 2019, 13:18 PM by Mario Toneguzzi
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It's crucial for retailers to understand online shopping behaviours from one neighbourhood to the next to help determine what products to sell and where brick and mortar locations should operate.



Retail Insider recently published a feature on how a recent retail report based on ClickSpend™ powered by J.C. Williams Group, which indicates there can be major differences in the concentration of online shoppers even within a specific market area.

“Take an example like Toronto. There’s certain types of categories where ecommerce is strong in certain segments of the city,” said Michele Sexsmith, Senior Vice President and Practice Leader. “There’s 14 different categories of expenditures that we’ve been able to provide the online and the offline spend. And there’s a lot of variability between those individual categories.”

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