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How to talk to family and friends who ignore social distancing appeals

Mar 25, 2020, 13:30 PM by Environics Analytics



Doug Norris, senior vice president and chief demographer comments on the uptake of physical distancing measures by demographic.

Contrary to stories and videos being shared, the data doesn't indicate that just one generation group — gen Z or boomers or millennials — is engaging in riskier behaviour than the others.

While there's no doubt that "within the boomers, there are some populations that are fairly risky," it's not something common to the entire demographic, said Doug Norris, senior vice president and chief demographer of data, analytics and marketing services firm Environics Analytics. 

By the same token, younger people might tend to be more risky, but we can't paint all of gen Z nor millennials with the same brush, Norris said from Ottawa.

"There is a lot of diversity within [each generational demographic]."

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