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With SPOTLIGHT, you can access over 40 reports from Environics Analytics’ privacy-compliant consumer and market databases.

Choose the reports you need from five categories to get insights about your customers, including demographic characteristics, consumer segmentation and demand for household and food expenditure categories.

Trade Area Essentials

Discover the core demographics of an area, such as households and population, housing and income, education and employment, and diversity.


Answer key trade area questions:

• How much is the population in my trade area estimated to change over the next five years?

• How do they travel to work?

• How much is the average household income in my trade area?

• Which languages do consumers speak at home?

Demographics - Categorical Details

Get to know the demographic characteristics of consumers and track how they are changing in your business area for future development and strategies.


Answer key demographic questions:

• What is the average age of the household maintainer in my location?

• What is the average household size in my location?

• How many people in my specified location are employed?

• Where can I find the highest concentration of families with children?

• Where can I find potential store locations with demographic profiles like my best location?


Get retail insights, forecast demand and determine growth opportunities for expansion by accessing household spending behaviour across different categories.


Answer key household spending questions:

• What amount of disposable income do consumers in my location have?

• Which categories do they spend the most on?

• How much do consumers in my area spend on clothing, entertainment and travel?


Plan your next location by accessing food expenditure information in your business area across different categories.


Answer key food spending questions:

• What are the top food purchase categories for consumers in my area?

• What is the average amount per household spent on grocery items like meat, fish and seafood, vegetables and dairy?

• How much do consumers in my area spend on restaurants?

PRIZM® Segmentation

Leverage the power of Canada’s leading segmentation system to better understand your customers and markets with insights on current demographics, lifestyles and values.


Answer key segmentation questions:

• Who are my customers?

• What are they like?

• Where do they live, work and shop?

Learn more about PRIZM® Segmentation.

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