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A New View of Canadians' Digital Behaviours

Explore ClickScapes—our all-new database that captures up-to-date visitor and visit data to thousands of mobile apps and websites to identify trends, target across channels and monitor competitors.

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Enhance your data with our comprehensive databases for more informed decision making. Choose from 50 databases offering more than 30,000 variables that help you connect with consumers.


ENVISION Analytics Platform

Our purpose-built, consumer insights and market intelligence platform features powerful analytical tools and industry-leading mapping software for a deeper understanding of your customers, prospects and trade areas anywhere in North America.



Create a comprehensive picture of your customers according to their shared demographic, lifestyle and behavioural traits. Discover where they live and understand their preferences to create more effective marketing strategies.

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All New PRIZM Segmentation

Gain a fresh perspective on Canada’s distinct communities and markets

Now in its fourth generation, PRIZM offers:

  • 67 lifestyle types based on income, urbanity and life stage
  • 30,000+ PRIZM-coded variables
  • Francophone segments
  • Cultural diversity index
  • Neighbourhood insight at the 6-digit postal code level
  • Created using more than 40 data sources



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