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    Mobility Analytics in ENVISION5

    Mobility data can be complex, but ENVISION5 makes it easy. With our cloud-based marketing platform you can produce clear and meaningful results within a few simple clicks.

  • Research on Canadian behaviour and attitudes towards Cannabis

    Introducing CannabisInsights

    CannabisInsights Powered by Vividata projects how consumers view and use cannabis at the neighbourhood level to answer the key questions facing governments, retailers and distributors looking to enter this emerging space.

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    Use data and analytics to understand, engage and retain your best consumers.  Get reliable market and location information anywhere in Canada.

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Enhance your data with our comprehensive databases for more informed decision making. Choose from 47 databases offering more than 30,000 variables that help you connect with consumers.

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We provide a full range of data and analytics services, specializing in proprietary privacy-compliant data, purpose-built software, data management services and industry-focused analytics consulting.

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Our purpose-built, easy-to-use business intelligence platform features powerful analytical tools and industry-leading mapping software for a deeper understanding of your customers, prospects and trade areas anywhere in North America.

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New CannabisInsights

Announcing the launch of CannabisInsights, Powered by Vividata, the only Canadian database that projects how consumers view and use cannabis at the neighbourhood level. “While there is a lot of interest in this emerging market, there are still plenty of unknowns around consumer behaviours, preferences and attitudes towards the drug. CannabisInsights was developed to provide some much needed clarity to this developing market," says Jan Kestle, Founder, President and CEO. 

PRIZM5 Consumer Segmentation

Understand what consumers are buying, doing and thinking—and anticipate their behaviour in the future. PRIZM5, Canada’s authoritative consumer segmentation system, will help you find underserved markets, target products and services, and craft messages that will connect you with your ideal market.

  • 68 lifestyle types based on income, urbanity and lifestage
  • 30,000+ PRIZM5-coded variables
  • Francophone segments
  • Cultural diversity index
  • Powered by more than 40 data sources


We are Industry Focused

Since 2003, we’ve helped thousands of organizations across all sectors solve their business challenges. Our quality data, powerful analytics platforms and extensive consulting services allow you to make informed decisions that are critical to your success. Learn more about the type of work we are doing in your sector.

We Know Data

From data supplier to full-service data and analytics consultancy, we help you connect with your target market by employing innovative approaches, robust methodologies and a collaborative culture. Our expertise sets us apart from the competition.

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We're Ready To Help

Our team includes some of the most experienced geodemographers, data scientists, modelling experts, statisticians and marketing experts in North America. We’re ready to help you map your analytics journey from start to finish. Think of us as your competitive advantage.

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    “The project has shown that there is a wealth of information available about customers beyond in-house databases that can be leveraged in innovative ways throughout an organization.”

    Tom Maryniarczyk, Director of Site Experience & Analytics | Walmart Canada See the Case Study
  • GMCanada

    “The foundation of the Environics Analytics' data is to determine who we are already selling vehicles to and where can we find more of them. Most dealers plan to use the information in their marketing plans.”

    Jason Easton, Director of Sales, Service and Marketing for Toronto/GTA | General Motors Canada See the Case Study
  • Sick Kids Foundation

    “Environics Analytics gave us a unique lens to understand our donors and determine the best way to invest our fundraising dollars. It’s one thing to buy an ad that asks for money; it’s another to have a person tell your story in a way that touches the heart of your audience. Our donors are as diverse as the colours of the rainbow. But without this information in where to start, we couldn’t have been successful.”

    Vice President of Major Gifts | SickKids Foundation See the Case Study
  • telus

    “We now have a single segmentation system across the enterprise. We’ve created a lot of enthusiasm across the company."

    Parikshit Ralhan, manager of customer insights and predictive analytics | TELUS See the Case Study
  • office-depot

    “In developing any real estate strategy, you need to understand the customer. Environics Analytics were able to analyze demographics, lifestyles, lifestages, sales, merchandizing and competitive data to identify pockets of geography where there was significant potential. With this knowledge, we decided on the target consumers to pursue and the best locations to serve them."

    Senior Director, Marketing and Real Estate Research | Office Depot
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