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WealthScapes is the most comprehensive database available for information on the assets, liabilities and income of Canadians. Built using authoritative data and sophisticated modelling techniques, WealthScapes is designed for financial planning, marketing and targeting applications. The latest version of this database features about 170 key financial and investment statistics. WealthScapes helps financial institutions, charitable organizations and large retailers gain a better understanding of the financial and investment behaviour of their customers. A subset of approximately 30 summary-level financial variables is also available in WealthScapes Lite.

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Create a comprehensive picture of your customers according to their shared demographic, lifestyle and behavioural traits. Discover where they live and understand their preferences to create more effective marketing strategies. In addition to custom segmentation services, we offer four off-the-shelf segmentation systems, including PRIZM, Canada’s leading consumer segmentation system.

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Develop engaging media and marketing strategies by understanding the behaviours, preferences and attitudes of your target market. We partner with leading data and survey providers to produce 12 databases that offer insights on a range of topics, from media and shopping habits to attitudes on charitable giving and the environment. All of our behavioural data can be linked to PRIZM segments and are available at the postal code level.

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