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A data-driven solution to measure financial wellness

During these turbulent times, being able to assess and address your customers' financial vulnerability has never been more important. WealthCare helps you identify which customers are most at risk and which ones are more prepared to weather the storm.


Check the financial pulse of your customers with WealthCare

The WealthCare proprietary scoring system, comprised of over 100 variables, measures the financial wellness of your customers by evaluating their lifestage, financial behaviours and attitudes across four key dimensions:

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Determines the likelihood of your customers living within their means.

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Evaluates whether your customers have a balanced relationship between assets and debt.

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Assesses whether households are making their financial future a priority.

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Financial Acumen

Analyzes to what degree households self-invest, seek advice or hold a diversity of investments.

Learn what factors significantly influence financial decisions

Households with the same incomes and wealth can approach their finances in very different ways. The knowledge and comfort levels your customers have with financial matters will significantly influence the financial decisions they make. To serve these households effectively, banks and credit unions need to gain a deeper understanding of their members’ spending habits and financial knowledge.


Assess the economic impact on your customers

Wealthcare can help you evaluate the economic impact on your customers and markets so you can adapt your business needs and optimize resources.


  • Customers who are most vulnerable with little savings to bridge the financial downturn or those who have assets to leverage and need advice on debt financing
  • Opportunities for financial assistance or full-service advice 
  • Opportunities to improve their financial wellness and put customers at ease


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Engage customers proactively with advice and programs

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Identify profitable strategies by differentiating your service offerings from your competition

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Assist customers on their financial journey and gain their trust 

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Align resources and programs to the financial needs of the community

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We Know Data

Enhance your data with our privacy compliant, authoritative databases. Choose from over 45 databases including financial, segmentation and behavioural data.

Environics Analytics Consumer Lists Database

Financial Databases

Understand the investment behaviour of Canadians and develop a comprehensive picture of their assets, liabilities and net worth. Make smarter marketing decisions, size the market, improve product mix, assess spending power and monitor trade areas based on spending and investment behaviour.

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Develop engaging media and marketing strategies by understanding the behaviours, preferences and attitudes of your target market. We partner with leading data and survey providers to produce 12 databases that offer insights on a range of topics, from media and shopping habits to attitudes on charitable giving and the environment. All of our behavioural data can be linked to PRIZM segments and are available at the postal code level.

Canadian Segmentation Data Map showing PRIZM5 Spectra data


Create a comprehensive picture of your customers according to their shared demographic, lifestyle and behavioural traits. Discover where they live and understand their preferences to create more effective marketing strategies. In addition to custom segmentation services, we offer four off-the-shelf segmentation systems, including PRIZM, Canada’s leading consumer segmentation system.


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