Environics Analytics 13th Annual User Conference 

Today, organizations have access to a previously unimaginable breadth of data, advanced tools to unlock the potential of those data and the ability to put it all into action through digital and traditional media channels. This year's conference captures this dynamism with the goal of inspiring your 2020 vision.  How is the use of data shaping the decisions that organizations are making today? 

Join us on November 26th to find out. 


When: Tuesday, November 26, 2019, 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Where: Arcadian Court, 401 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4 

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7:30 – 8:30 AM



8:30 – 8:40 AM



Evan Wood, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Environics Analytics

8:40 – 8:55 AM

Environics Analytics Update

Jan Kestle, President and CEO, Environics Analytics

8:55 – 9:35 AM

Analytics in Action

Teresa Sinopoli, Vice President, Product Management, Environics Analytics

9:40 – 10:00 AM



10:00 – 10:35 AM

1A: When 1+1=4, Leveraging Data in New Ways to Establish Growth Opportunities 


Jamie Pridmore, NFR Formats Manager, Shell Canada Products

1B: Collaborating with Data for Evidence-Based Decision Making in the Tourism Industry   

Rooms 1-2

Chantz Strong, Executive Director, Consumer and Market Intelligence, Destination Canada

Kim Clarke, Tourism Experience Development Specialist, Bruce Grey Simcoe (RT07) 

Emilie Comeau-Sinclair, Senior Manager, Market Development, New Brunswick Tourism

1C: A Journey Across the Organization: Deploying Analytics 

Rooms 3-4

Valentina Wong, Senior Director, Client Segmentation & Insights, Personal and Small Business Banking, CIBC 

10:45 – 11:20 AM

2A: Building is Half the Battle: Operationalizing Data and Analytics Across the Organization


Stephen Kaiser, Director, Member and Market Insights, Servus Credit Union

2B: Sizing Up the B2B Market

Rooms 1-2

Helen Dunlop, Customer Strategy Lead, Aviva

3C:  How A Data-Driven Approach and Scrappy Marketing Equals Success 

Rooms 3-4

Kevin Kirk, Senior Vice President, External Relations & Enrollment Management, Tyndale University College & Seminary

11:30 AM – 12:05 PM

3A: The Changing State of Value


Kevin Lacey, Director, Category Management, PepsiCo Beverages Canada

3B: Connecting Small Businesses to Customer Insights in York Region 

Rooms 1-2

Jonathan Wheatle, Manager, Strategic Economic Initiatives, Planning and Economic Development Corporate Services, The Regional Municipality of York 

3C: Intelligent Design: Using Data and Analytics to Build Tomorrow's Communities 

Rooms 3-4

Robert Galletta, Cheif Executive Officer, Blackjet

12:10 – 12:40 PM



12:40 – 1:30 PM

Keynote: What You Should Know: Canada 2020 and Beyond

Doug Norris, Senior Vice President & Chief Demographer, Environics Analytics

1:35 - 2:10 PM

4A: More Than A Meter

Tanishah Nathoo, Senior Manager, Customer Experience, Hydro One

4B: Fueled By Data: Faster, Better Site Location Decisions

Rooms 1-2

Tanya Parrag, Director, Real Estate & Construction, goeasy

4C: Going Local in CPG: Using Data to Adopt a Global Strategy to the Canadian Market

Rooms 3-4

Adriana Fazzina, Marketing Manager, Barilla

2:00 – 2:20 PM



2:30 - 3:05 PM

5A: Driving Results with Out-of-Home Advertising


Kevin McDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Kinetic Worldwide

5B: Using Data to Effectively Target the Luxury Market Consumer

Rooms 1-2

Bob Park, Chief of Brands, GE, Café, Monogram and Haier Appliances in Canada

5C: A Healthy Dose of Data: Adopting Data to Inform Messaging Strategy

Rooms 3-4

Rachel Skellet, Epidemiologist, Clinical Services and

Shailee Tanna, Epidemiologist, Family Health Division, Niagara Region Public Health 

3:15– 3:50 PM

6A: Revving Up CAA Rewards with Data and Insights


Jeff Walker, Chief Strategy Officer, CAA National

6B: Fraud=Fraud: A Story About Benefits Fraud, Analytics and Education 

Rooms 1-2

Shannon DeLenardo, Director, Anti-Fraud and Electronic Claims, Canadian Life and Health Association and

Josh Cobden, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Proof Inc.

6C: Fires Start in More Ways Than One: Using Data to Reduce Community Risk Through Targeted Fire Safety Campaigns

Michelle Stronach, Division Chief of Analytics and Decision Support and

Marla Friene, Acting Division Chief of Public Education and Professional Standards, Toronto Fire Services

Rooms 3-4

4:00 – 4:20 PM

New PRIZM: The Changing Face of Canada


Danny Heuman, Chief Analytics Officer, Environics Analytics

4:20 – 4:30 PM

Closing Remarks

Jan Kestle, President and CEO, Environics Analytics

4:30 – 6:30 PM




Session Descriptions

Learn industry-leading insights and innovative approaches to leveraging data to better connect with target audiences and achieve meaningful results. 



1A: When 1+1 = 4, Leveraging Data in New Ways to Establish Growth Opportunities


Jamie Pridmore 

NFR Formats Manager
Shell Canada
How do you grow revenue on convenience store items at gas stations? From identifying consumer need states to evaluating individual station performance to opportunity analysis, Shell used a data-driven approach to meet this key mandate. Come learn how Shell is increasing non-fuel revenue across hundreds of gas stations.

1B: Collaborating with Data for Evidence-Based Decision Making in the Tourism Industry


Chantz Strong

Executive Director, Consumer and Market Intelligence
Destination Canada

Kim Clarke

Tourism Experience Development Specialist
Bruce Grey Simcoe (RTO7)

Emilie Comeau-Sinclair

Senior Manager, Market Development
New Brunswick Tourism

Larry Filler

SVP and Practice Leader, Travel & Tourism
Environics Analytics
Tourism is a vital component of the Canadian economy, as the industry generates an estimated $100 billion in revenue per year and employs one in ten Canadians. As impressive as these numbers are, there is plenty of room for growth.  In this panel session, you will have the opportunity to hear from three leading Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) who represent different community stakeholders (National, Provincial and Local) give their perspective on the most significant challenges and opportunities within the tourism industry.  They will also discuss how a unique partnership between Destination Canada, Environics Analytics and Provincial and regional DMOs is helping to accelerate growth with the tourism sector.

1C: A Journey Across the Organization: Deploying Analytics

UC2019-Valentina Wong-CIBC-Photo

Valentina Wong 

Senior Director, Client Segmentation & Insights
Truly understanding your customers is imperative to effective marketing and providing fantastic customer service. See how CIBC used and deployed analytics across the organization. From customer segmentation to sales analytics dashboards that provide insights for each Banking Community and Branch on “who they serve” and “where the wealth is.” Come hear about the use cases to which these analytics are being deployed – including: customer calls, walk-ins, local marketing messaging, in-branch signage and sales planning.

2A: Building is Half the Battle: Operationalizing Data and Analytics Across the Organization

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Stephan Kaiser

Director, Member and Market Insights
Servus Credit Union
Access to valuable data and analytical resources is a must-have to remain competitive in today’s business landscape, but how does one effectively build these capabilities? And for those businesses that are just starting out on this journey, are there ways to accelerate the process? See how Servus Credit Union is building the analytical tools in-house to enhance its ability to support stakeholders. Learn their keys to success in using analytics as a common language across the organization to increase efficiencies and improve results company-wide.

2B: Sizing Up the B2B Market


Helen Dunlop

Customer Strategy Lead
To be successful in a business to business environment, understanding the market is imperative. Applying a B2B segmentation model to provide an in-depth understanding of the commercial insurance landscape enabled Aviva to understand their customer base and to define their current market position and potential. Join Aviva and learn how they were able to quantify market opportunity, profile the market and establish benchmarks for success by using internal and external business data.

2C: How a Data-Driven Approach and Scrappy Marketing Equal Success


Kevin Kirk 

Senior Vice President, External Relations and Enrollment Management
Tyndale University College & Seminary
Tyndale University College is a Christian university offering a distinct undergraduate faith-based university experience. With a niche focus within the post-secondary education market and a limited budget, the institution has embodied a scrappy marketing mindset in both its admissions and fundraising initiatives. Every dollar used for its activities, must show a clear return on investment and be stretched by two or three times. Tyndale will show how data-driven decision-making has helped expand engagement and improve the effectiveness of marketing to prospective students and the admission funnel.

3A: The Changing State of Value


Kevin Lacey

Director, Category Management
PepsiCo Beverages Canada
The Canadian marketplace has changed, and consumers today have more choices than ever before.  Consumer and shopper attitudes are changing in the evolving retail landscape, especially in the perception of value. Gone are the days where the lowest price was the primary decision factor.  Today's consumers want what they want, when they want it.  PepsiCo uses a variety of Environics Analytics data to understand the most valuable needs of shoppers and to ensure the distribution of the right products in the right place to satisfy those needs. See how PepsiCo is using data to help retailers win with their shoppers.

3B: Connecting Small Businesses to Customer Insights in York Region

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Jonathan Wheatle 

Manager, Strategic Economic Initiatives, Planning and Economic Development Corporate Services
The Regional Municipality of York 
See how the York Small Business Enterprise Centre (YSBEC) leverages the ENVISION platform to support entrepreneurs and small business owners. YSBEC will discuss the journey in getting this initiative off the ground, highlight how they work with their clients, and share the outcome from this exciting work.

3C: Intelligent Design: Using Data and Analytics to Build Tomorrow's Communities


Robert Galletta

Chief Executive Officer
The stakes are high for large mixed-use real estate developments. Learn how Blackjet assists real estate developers as they design, brand and market new mixed-use projects that offer places to live, work and shop. See the data-driven approach applied to identify and engage consumers, develop a relevant sense of place in each community and align project decisions around a central view of the future property user.

Keynote: What You Should Know: Canada 2020 and Beyond

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Doug Norris

Senior Vice President & Chief Demographer
Environics Analytics

In the keynote presentation, Doug Norris, Ph.D., Environics Analytics' Chief Demographer will discuss Canada’s demographic makeup in 2020 and beyond. Dr. Norris will take you through Canada’s future based on the significant trends of the past decade. You will hear him speak about the generations, where they are today and what lies ahead. And, you will get a sneak peek at how these trends are reflected in the new PRIZM segmentation system being developed for 2020.


4A: More Than a Meter


Tanishah Nathoo

Senior Manager, Customer Experience
Hydro One
In an industry where customer choice has historically not been an option, Hydro One saw the importance of understanding the difference in their customer base and delivering relevant communications while at the same time driving internal efficiencies. To do this, they utilized a custom segmentation model that integrated their data with EA’s data and platforms to provide insights that would improve adoption rates in paperless billing, digital service usage and more. See how Hydro One was able to leverage data and analytics to influence actions across marketing, corporate communications, government relations and customer operations to improve ROI and decrease costs.

4B: Fueled by Data: Faster, Better Site Location Decisions


Tanya Parrag

Director, Real Estate & Construction 
Companies looking to grow their retail footprint quickly can't afford to make decisions on gut instinct and whim. Choosing the wrong location is an expensive mistake that can have a significant impact on your company's financial success. Hear how goeasy has leveraged data to make faster, better site location decisions, saving time and money while increasing their success rate. During this session, goeasy will share insights into recent site location decisions and the data and analytical tools used.

4C: Going Local in CPG: Using Data to Adapt a Global Strategy to the Canadian Market


Adriana Fazzina 

Marketing Manager
After ten years in Canada, Barilla set out to create a more targeted plan to reach Canadian consumers. The international pasta-maker, armed with a robust but high-level consumer segmentation schema, was looking for a way to gather more insights on the Canadian audience and make them applicable in planning activities to support the brand. The solution they found was PRIZM. PRIZM provided the ability for the Barilla Canada marketing team to take action. Learn how Barilla took global data and was able to localize it to tailor its media and in-store strategy to the Canadian landscape.

5A: Driving Results with Out-of-Home Advertising

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Kevin McDonald

Chief Executive Officer
Kinetic Worldwide
Marketers are constantly under pressure to prove greater effectiveness, efficiency and transparency for their marketing spend. Out-of-Home advertising, when done right, can be a key to help solve this challenge. By leveraging the thinking and flexibility of digital campaigns and applying it to Out-of-Home advertising, Kinetic has opened the media channel to marketers who previously saw it as inflexible or only accessible by the big advertisers. See how the Kinetic platform pulls together multiple curated data sources and identifies the best opportunities within digital and traditional Out-of-Home.

5B: Using Data to Effectively Target the Luxury Market Consumer


Bob Park

Chief of Brands, GE, Café, Monogram and Haier Appliances in Canada
GE Appliances
Café Appliances launched in early 2019 into the premium segment. GE Appliances needed to identify, find and market to this niche luxury audience for success. See how GE Appliances was able to use distinct target groups defined for each brand to develop an efficient and focused digital marketing and sponsorship strategy to drive shoppers to stores.

5C: A Healthy Dose of Data: Adopting Data to Inform Messaging Strategy

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Rachel Skillet

Epidemiologist, Clinical Services
Niagara Region Public Health

Shailee Tanna

Epidemiologist, Family Health Division
Niagara Region Public Health
This is a story about how a public organization became more data-driven. You will hear about two projects that occurred on this journey: one centered around identifying, finding and messaging to high-risk new mothers, the other, in providing proactive education around the cannabis industry’s changing regulations. You will see how the work ended with an organization that bought into the use of data and analytics for internal selling, external outreach and more. Come hear about the journey of Niagara Region Public Health.

6A: Revving Up CAA Rewards with Data and Insights


Jeff Walker

Chief Strategy Officer
CAA National
Building a successful loyalty program has many challenges. How does an organization identify the right rewards, offers and partners that will resonate with their customers? How do you prove to all the key stakeholders that the program is meeting its intended objective and that it is profitable? In this session, we will learn how CAA Rewards leverages data and insights to identify partnership opportunities, improve member engagement and help measure success for all involved.

6B: Fraud=Fraud: A Story About Benefits Fraud, Analytics and Education

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Shannon DeLenardo

Director, Anti-Fraud and Electronic Claims
Canadian Life and Health Association

Josh Cobden

Executive Vice President & General Manager
Proof Inc.
CLHIA and their member companies, in partnership with Proof and Environics Analytics, developed the first-ever, national anti-health-and-benefits-fraud campaign. This award-winning campaign was built to educate Canadians about the seriousness of health and dental benefits fraud. Gain an understanding of the process we undertook to learn which groups were more at risk of falling victim to fraudulent schemes and what benefits fraud meant to them. Hear how the analytics and research learnings informed the strategic planning, channel and audience recommendations, and creative process. See how the insights helped set a critical benchmark for current awareness and perception levels of benefits fraud. Learn about our fraud=fraud journey.

6C: Fires Start in More Ways Than One: Using Data to Reduce Community Risk Through Targeted Fire Safety Campaigns

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Michelle Stronach

Division Chief of Analytics and Decision Support
Toronto Fire Services

Marla Friebe

Acting Division Chief of Public Education and Professional Standards
Toronto Fire Services
How do you leave an impact on your audience? Especially when it comes to a public education campaign. Toronto Fire Services has done just that in two focused campaigns designed to change behaviour around fire safety. The message delivered is simple, to the point and specifically crafted to resonate with citizens most at risk. See how this campaign comes to life in out-of-home and digital media. Toronto Fire Services will discuss how data and analytics were used to launch this community awareness communication piece and share their journey of becoming a data-driven organization.
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