Measuring Canadian Travel Patterns


This sample dashboard demonstrates how mobile movement data can help the travel and tourism industry understand the impact of COVID-19 on Domestic Overnight Visitors within Canada, its provinces, territories and tourism regions (TRCs). 

With this dashboard, you can easily compare visitors’ travel patterns to prior weeks in 2020 and compared to the same period in 2019. You can also compare different regions to assess the impact of the pandemic on Canadian travel patterns and identify when visitors start to return to your tourism region.

The dashboard includes data starting the week of February 4th, 2020 tracked on a weekly basis until the week of July 5th, 2020.

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How to Read the Dashboard

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Identify Domestic Overnight Visitor Patterns


  • Easily compare regions, provinces and territories.
  • Measure weekly percent change of domestic overnight visitors in 2020 versus the corresponding week in 2019.
  • Measure percent change of domestic overnight visitors versus the previous week in 2020.




  • We use privacy compliant, anonymized mobile movement data to identify devices whose Daily Common Evening Location is 60 km or more away from their Yearly Common Evening Location.
  • Data is aggregated and compared on a weekly basis versus the previous year and week.
  • Data is limited to devices that we can reliably infer their Daily and Yearly Common Evening Locations.
  • Data has been standardized and normalized leveraging demographic data and PRIZM, our neighbourhood classification system.




  • Domestic Overnight Visitors – A device that spent at least one night more than 60KM away from their Yearly Common Evening Location.
  • Common Evening Location – A location where the device is normally seen between 6PM and 8AM the following morning.



Recommended Use


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