Flexible product options for any budget.

Pay for only the reports you need at budget-friendly, individual prices or purchase a standard license with the option to add more bundles for premium features and deeper insights.

SiteScore report showing a map of a trade area with a summary of the area.

Pay-as-you-go single reports ($199 - $399)

Single reports designed to meet both your location information needs and your budget.

With each report, you can:

  • Select up to 3 trade areas or locations
  • View total market data for your trade areas
  • Download and share report with stakeholders
SiteScore report showing a list of closest competitors in a defined area.

Standard license bundle ($2,399)

Want premium features? With the standard Trade Area Essentials bundle, you can get unlimited access to our most popular reports.

With the standard license bundle, you get:

  • Unlimited report usage
  • Five essential demographic reports
  • Ability to map trade areas and variables thematically
SiteScore report showing details and summary about a site location.

Add-on report bundles ($1,999 - $5,999)

Enhance your standard license bundle with add-on bundles for detailed demographics categories, household spending estimates, food spending estimates or the PRIZM® lifestyle segmentation system.

See our prices for each report and bundle

Trade Area Essentials: $2,399 keyboard_arrow_down

Understand the core demographics of an area, such as households and population, housing and income, education and employment, and diversity.

Demographics - Categorical Details: $2,299 keyboard_arrow_down

Dive deeper into demographic categories, including age and sex, households and family, dwelling characteristics, income, education, employment and diversity.

HouseholdSpend: $2,299 keyboard_arrow_down

PRIZM® Segmentation: $5,999 keyboard_arrow_down

Leverage Canada’s premier segmentation system to target your best customers based on 67 lifestyle types and insights on consumer behaviour, shopping patterns and media preferences.

Segmentation - Top 5 & Distribution

Standard Bundle and Add-Ons: $1,999 - $5,999 keyboard_arrow_down

  • Trade Area Essentials (Standard): $2,399
  • Demographics - Categorical Details (Add-On): $2,299
  • HouseholdSpend (Add-On): $2,299
  • FoodSpend (Add-On): $1,999
  • PRIZM® Segmentation (Add-On): $5,999

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