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Understand online behaviours, click by click


The all-new ClickScapes database captures up-to-date visitors and visits to thousands of mobile apps and websites to support organizations in identifying trends, targeting across channels and keeping an eye on the competition. 

ClickScapes is built using aggregated and de-identified data from both mobile and home internet behaviours, along with DemoStats demographics, PRIZM segmentation and EA models. It is “Big Data” harnessed and normalized using benchmarking data, AI and data science best practices. The result is consistent, reliable and local trend information to enhance your existing web analytics and customer insights.

Understand your website visitors

Profile your website visitors and app users, and compare to those of your competitors

Track industry trends

Monitor weekly and monthly trends to track your own visits, your competitors’ and your category’s

Get actionable insights

Plan your communication strategy across media channels with richer website and app usage data

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Learn the Digital Behaviours of Your Customers and Target Markets

Understand your customers with app and website data categorized by companies and interests. When used in tandem with other EA digital variables included in Opticks databases powered by Vividata, Numeris and AskingCanadians, ClickScapes provides a rich view of Canadians’ online behaviours.

Why ClickScapes?

ClickScapes leverages billions of data points to help analysts:

  • Learn website and app behaviours – Use existing data with ClickScapes to understand website and app visit behaviours. Without customer data, leverage MobileScapes by selecting a preferred location to gather visit behaviours from that location to websites, apps and interest categories
  • Monitor weekly and monthly trends – Track own, competitors’ and category visit trends and see how different populations compare to overall trends in Canada
  • Profile website and app visitors – Develop a deeper understanding of own website and app visitors, and those of competitors by connecting ClickScapes to PRIZM and DemoStats
  • Plan for omnichannel media execution – Target based on audience media preferences, improve digital media buying decisions and track campaign impacts week by week
  • Access detailed trends and profile data for any defined geography – Analyze digital behaviour for custom catchment areas right down to the neighbourhood level

What's in the database?

Choose between ClickScapes and ClickScapes Trends to access two levels of insights. Variables in both products are categorized as a Home Internet derived web behaviour or a Mobile Internet derived web behaviour. 

  • ClickScapes data are categorized by companies and interests, including travel, financial planning, education, arts and entertainment, shopping and more
  • Unique visitors and visit days metrics available for each web behaviour variable
  • Data are updated monthly, capturing weekly trends
  • Available for standard and custom markets right down to the neighbourhood level
  • Accessible via ENVISION or project work via EA analysts


Answer key marketing questions 

ClickScapes can help answer important questions to help plan your marketing strategies for omnichannel media execution. As a marketer, you'll get answers to questions such as:


  • How does web traffic to my website compare to my competitors’ websites?
  • What PRIZM segments are the most frequent users of my mobile app?
  • What impact did my last digital ad campaign have on the number of visitors to my competitors’ website?
  • How do I identify and target emerging visitor segments to my websites and apps?
  • Are there new competitors in my interest category that I should be aware of?


Find more information about ClickScapes, including release notes, on our community website.

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