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Identify which Canadians are likely to receive an inheritance 

WealthTransfer helps users estimate which households are most likely to receive an inheritance within the current year and quantifies the total potential inheritance amount. Financial institutions, real estate companies, retailers and dealerships all look to the WealthTransfer database to identify customer and market opportunities that may otherwise be missed. Find out which Canadians are more likely to improve their financial position through inheritance, make big-ticket purchases, donate to charitable causes or plan for their financial future. 

WealthTransfer is available for all postal and census geographies. The database is created using inputs from Statistics Canada’s 2017 Survey of Financial Security (SFS) modelled to the postal code level using key demographic and economic predictor variables from EA's comprehensive data sources. The database includes score and index variables to easily create customer or postal code rankings and inform economic models.


Find new market opportunities

Identify the neighbourhoods where wealth transfers are likely to take place

Score financial wellness

Understand how inheritance affects the overall financial wellness of your customers

Understand spending behaviour

See who is likely to save, make big-ticket purchases or donate to charity by connecting WealthTransfer to PRIZM and other EA databases

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WealthTransfer helps answer questions like:


• What is the average inheritance potential within my trade area?

• What customers or donors are most likely to receive an inheritance?

• What segments have the highest inheritance incidence rates?

• What is their average inheritance?

• Which areas of the city have higher inheritance rates?

          Insights on Canadians' Financial Inheritance by Neighbourhood

          As Canada’s ageing population and their net worth are projected to grow significantly over the next 10 years, the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth is expected to take place by means of inheritance. Learn how WealthTransfer can help marketers and financial institutions alike understand how to seize upon this significant opportunity.

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