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Points of Interest

Points of Interest allows users to create maps displaying the location of the most popular food, gas, lodging and retail establishments, among many other sites. This national file of geocoded points of interest (POI) from TomTom® offers users a current and accurate list of 1.3 million records as spatial objects or location coordinates for use in GIS systems and other mapping solutions. The Points of Interest file is an industry-leading collection of POIs that is continuously updated and validated to ensure accuracy and currency. As a geocoded location database for mapping and other analytical applications, it helps users develop effective B2C and B2B marketing programs.

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Understand the investment behaviour of Canadians and develop a comprehensive picture of their assets, liabilities and net worth. Make smarter marketing decisions, size the market, improve product mix, assess spending power and monitor trade areas based on spending and investment behaviour. Choose from 10 databases, including WealthScapes, Canada’s most comprehensive financial database.


Get the most out of your GIS software products by linking your customer data to geographic areas to help improve site selection and location analysis, strategic planning, product distribution and competitor analysis. We offer a suite of mapping and data products for use in media planning, target marketing and consumer profiling.

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