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A custom donor scoring system built for not-for-profits

Determine the capacity and engagement levels of your constituents so you can focus on your best prospects and maximize the potential of your existing donor base.

DonorRank is a customizable scoring system that ranks your existing donors and identifies your best prospects according to their capacity to give and their interest in your cause.

This system can help identify your pipeline by moving donors into the right fundraising programs and maximize your fundraising opportunities. DonorRank is ideal for charities looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution to target their fundraising initiatives.

Identify your best prospects

Find the best constituents in your donor database for planned giving and major gift asks

Customize the scoring system

Choose how to score donors based on past engagement, net worth, values and donations to similar organizations

Understand giving capacity

Leverage household income, assets and wealth factors to get a better holistic view of your prospective donors' ability to give

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What’s in DonorRank?

DonorRank scores your constituents using a combination of their engagement with your organization along with data from EA's proprietary financial, psychographic and behavioural databases in order to help you find your next biggest supporter:

  • WealthScapes Fundraiser - Assess the charitable giving capacity of prospective donors by examining more than 40 income, wealth and expenditure variables from WealthScapes, LiquidAssets and AgeByIncome.
  • SocialValues - Understand the mindset of your supporters by leveraging the viewpoints of more than 10,000 survey respondents, measuring 261 combined values and attitudes based on human motivation and social relations.
  • GivingBack - Explore how Canadians volunteer their time, donate money and provide in-kind gifts to charitable and non-profit organizations, with more than 800 variables available at the postal code and dissemination area levels.
  • PRIZM® - Create a comprehensive picture of your supporters by classifying Canada's neighbourhoods into 67 unique lifestyle types integrating geographic, demographic and psychographic data.

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More Data to Choose From

Enhance your data with our privacy-compliant, authoritative databases. Choose from over 60 databases including financial, demographic, segmentation and behavioural data.


A comprehensive database for information on the assets, liabilities and income of Canadians and designed for financial planning, marketing and targeting applications.

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Factor the behaviours and attitudes of your target market into your media and marketing strategies. Access insights on a range of topics, from media and shopping habits to attitudes on charitable giving and the environment.

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Reach your best customers, track neighbourhood growth patterns and forecast trends with demographic data. We offer five proprietary, privacy-compliant databases.

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